Ebay is offering 20% off everything from big-screen Samsung TVs to KitchenAid mixers until Thursday

You can also get the same discount on SuperDry clobber and Dreams beds

KItchenAid, going cheap!

A lot of people associate eBay with buying weird second-hand stuff from strangers, in a usually trouble-free manner. But there is another side to eBay, which is that it acts as an Amazon-style shopfront for all manner of brands and sellers of new tech. And like any shop sellng tech it sometimes has sales, and right now is one of those times. So you can get a more than respectable 20% off everything from Samsung big-screen TVs, slightly smaller Panasonic TVs, KItchenAid appliances and SuperDry clothing and all manner of other stuff. All you need is one magical voucher code…

This is all you need to do.

Go to Ebay's sale site

Buy what you like from the linked items,

Go to checkout

Input voucher code POSE20

The only teensy issue here is that eBay has seen fit to cap the maximum discount at £100. So if you buy this 1700 quid Samsung UE65NU8000 65 Inch 4K TV, you're not really totally winning, although it does end up cheaper than at John Lewis for instance. Although there you can do a £200 cashback deal if you buy a Samsung soundbar too. Confusing innit?

Anyway, there is 20% (up to a maximum of £100) on a wide range of TV and audio gear.

However, if you stick to something like a KitchenAid gadget such as this classic blender, you get a discounted price to start with (because it's refurbed stock – with warranty – and that rather fetching blue colour has been discontinued) and then there's an extra 20% off this and a welter of other kitchen appliances, and that is a DEAL.

Finally if you're after men's clothing, which in this case mainly seems to mean SuperDry, there's a further 20% off sale items from that brand, too. So, if you're a cool dad who's worried he might be becoming out of touch with fashion, or perhaps eastern European, get stuck in!