Early Amazon Prime Day deal means this Philips wake-up light is almost the cheapest it's ever been

Rise and shine a bit more naturally (and sleep soundly knowing you've saved £50)

Amazon Prime Day Philips wake up light deal
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Dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings is never fun, and it can be equally hard to switch off after a long day. A wake-up light is designed to provide a solution to both of these problems, and right now there's an excellent early Prime Day deal that could save you some serious cash. There are discounts across the Philips Wake-Up range, but the best offer is 50% off the Philips Wake-up Light HF3505/01. The price has dropped this low a few times this year, but only very briefly, so it's worth snapping up this offer before it disappears. 

Sunrise lamps illuminate gradually over a set period of time each morning, to wake you up more gradually and naturally. We rank this Philips model amongst the best wake-up lights around: as well as a simulated sunrise and choice of two wake-up sounds, it also includes handy extras such as FM radio, tap to snooze and a reading lamp mode. It's one of the best Prime Day deals we've spotted so far.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock | Was £105 | Now £51.99 | Save £53
Best deal

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock | Was £105 | Now £51.99 | Save £53
This Philips Wake-Up Light is designed to wake you up naturally and improve your sleep habits. It offers two natural wake-up sounds and a radio function so you can choose the audio accompaniment to go with the sunrise simulation. The clock also has four display brightness levels, while the light itself has 10 personalised intensities so you can choose a brightness level that suits you.

This Philips light comes on soft and, over a 30-minute period, gets gradually brighter to leave you feeling refreshed and energised in the morning. There are 10 different light intensities to choose from, going right up to 200 lux, so you can find the level that works effectively for you. 

You can also pick an audio accompaniment to go with the light – there are two natural wake-up sounds, or you could opt for FM radio. Finally, there's a built-in reading lamp and a tap-to-snooze function when you want to pause the sound for 9 minutes and enjoy a few more precious moments in bed.

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