Dyson purifiers: it’s not just hot in here; the quality of your air could be bad for you

Dyson purifiers are the most stylish way to fix that

Dyson Pure Cool
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Allergy sufferers, pet owners, parents and anyone who values clean air and slick design: step this way… As summer rolls on, the temperatures are rising. However, heat is not the only issue facing your home. As you have probably heard, pollution is on the rise and is NOT just something you encounter on the streets. Pollution indoors can actually be worse than outdoors, with the main culprits being cleaning products, bacteria, mites and pet… stuff. 

This can be especially bad news for allergy sufferers but everyone would opt for cleaner air, given the choice.

The problem is that many air purifiers are large, anonymous cubes with a grate on the front, which have been thwacked repeatedly with The Ugly Stick. They can take up a lot of space, and all they do is filter air.

Dyson purifiers are different. They combine all Dyson’s usual design brilliance with smart controls and they also multi-task. They can remove pollutants and particles from your air as well as regulating its temperature. 

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier fan heater

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

(Image credit: Dyson)

As the product description subtly hints, this is an air purifier that can also act as a fan and a hot air heater. The ideal choice for front room or bedroom, the Pure Hot + Cool whole-room air purifier is able to filter out potentially harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns, as well as nitrogen dioxide and the volatile organic compounds unleashed by cleaning products and cooking.

The beautiful looking Pure Hot + Cool is a classic Dyson mix of elegant design and tech flash. A display shows you what particles are in the air and being removed, while the base can rotate up to a full 350º. 

As well as purifying, the Pure Hot + Cool also acts as a cooling fans in summer, and a heater for colder winter days, with simple and precise output control.

Filter replacement is simple, and a Night mode means it will run quietly enough – and with the screen extinguished – that you can even put it in a child’s room. You can control it from literally anywhere with Dyson’s excellent Link app.

Dyson Pure Cool Me personal cool air purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Me

(Image credit: Dyson)

Not only an essential purifier and cooler for your bedroom, Pure Cool Me is also at home in the office, by the TV sofa, or anywhere you find yourself stood or sat for extended periods of time. 

The Pure Cool Me is a unique product. It’s designed not for the whole room but for ‘just where you want it’ which, in most cases, is exactly where you’re standing or sitting on a sultry day. Right in your face. 

With a simple sliding adjustment for vertical air-flow and the option to oscillate, the job of Pure Cool Me is to keep your space cool and free from pollutants and microbes. With precision control via a neat little IR remote, it does this without buffetting or making you too cold. Having sampled its charms while writing this very piece, we would not willingly go back to a standard fan. 

• Buy Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier fan heater at John Lewis & Partners, £549

• Buy Dyson Pure Cool Me at John Lewis & Partners, £299.99