Doro launches world's first video doorbell specifically designed for senior users

The Doro Hemma Doorbell is now available to buy

oro Hemma Doorbell
(Image credit: Doro)

Doro, a European brand specialising in senior-compatible products, has released the world's first video doorbell specifically designed for senior users. 

The Doro Hemma Doorbell is available to purchase via the Doro website for an RRP of £150 (UK) and there are no subscription costs attached. 

When it comes to smart home tech, a lot of us lust after the swankiest, most innovative gadgets on the market. From the best smart speakers to the best security cameras, the satisfaction from a synced up ecosystem can be paramount, especially when it's so easily controlled. However, those who like the simpler things in life can often find themselves at a dead end. 

With this in mind, Doro has launched the world's first video doorbell specifically designed for senior users. The Doro Hemma Doorbell has been developed to cater for the evolving needs of senior users, helping to enhance confidence and address peace of mind. 

It's available to purchase via the Doro website for an RRP of £150. The doorbell and its video capabilities have no subscription cost, and no additional fees are required to access the full functionality of the device.

Doro Hemma Doorbell

(Image credit: Doro)

The Doro Hemma Doorbell is equipped with unique features, including two microphones that offer an exceptionally clear sound, making it easier for users that are hard of hearing. It comes with a Chime, an extra-powerful speaker which can be placed anywhere within the house, with the option of purchasing more for larger residences. 

The enhanced camera allows seniors to view the entrance of the residence, and  at any time of day. At night, the camera automatically activates advanced Night Mode to detect movement and identify visitors with sharp clarity. 

It has a user-friendly interface that alerts the user's smartphone or tablet when someone approaches their door. This provides enough time for the user to decide if it’s a visitor that they want to answer themselves, or hand over to a trusted friend or relative via the ‘Assist Me’ feature. Unlike conventional smart doorbells, this feature gives trusted friends or relatives the ability to take over and help the senior if they are in need of assistance.

The Doro Hemma Doorbell is also equipped with a loud siren function to deter intruders. The siren can be enabled by the senior themselves or a trusted loved one if they’ve taken over the call using the Assist Me feature.

Buy the Hemma Doorbell for £150 at Doro

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