Disney Plus: Five things you missed from Marvel Studios' Superbowl trailer

All the secrets from the new trailer for Disney Plus' new Marvel Studios series

Disney Plus: Falcon and the Winter Soldier
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Did you catch the trailer for Marvel's new Disney Plus shows on Superbowl Sunday? For sports fans, the Superbowl may be the culmination of a season's worth of build-up, but for film and TV buffs, the glut of new trailers and footage are just as exciting as the game and the half-time show. This year, we saw previews for upcoming titles like Hunters, Rick and Morty and, of course, those groundbreaking big-budget Marvel shows.

The 30-second "Big Game" TV spot for Disney Plus features footage from Marvel's WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki projects. There's loads to dissect in this trimmed-down trailer – Falcon learning to throw Captain America's shield, Wanda in some sort of weird sitcom nightmare, the return of Loki – but there's a few details all but the most eagle-eyed fans have missed. Check them all out below...

Disney Plus Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch's classic look makes its on-screen debut

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1. Scarlet Witch's classic costume

Played by Elizabeth Olsen since Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Scarlet Witch (a.k.a Wanda Maximoff) has always worn utilitarian red leather instead of her kooky headdress-and-cape ensemble from the comics. WandaVision, a Disney Plus series with Olsen in a starring role, will break the mould and introduce her classic look, in what looks like a costume party scene.

We don't know exactly what WandaVision is about, but most theories land on Scarlet Witch's magical ability to create alternate realities. It looks like she's created a perfect I Love Lucy-esque sitcom world in which her robotic beau Vision is alive and well. 

Disney Plus Zemo

The villainous Helmut Zemo from Captain America: Civil War

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2. Baron Zemo's back

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Plus series will be the first to land on the streaming service, set to debut in August. It follows on from Avengers: Endgame in which (spoilers!) Captain America passes on his shield to Sam Wilson, better known as the high-flying Falcon. 

Wilson and the Winter Soldier will go up against the villainous Baron Zemo, the Sokovian criminal mastermind from Captain America: Civil War. The Zemo character massively deviated from his comic-book roots in the movie, but he's seen here embracing some of the character's familiar trappings such as his signature furry-collared jacket.  

Disney Plus USAgent

Wyatt Russell as the renegade USAGent

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3. USAgent makes his MCU debut

Zemo's got company. Although Captain America chose Falcon as his successor, it appears someone else has other ideas. John Walker, otherwise known as USAgent, appears in the comics as a government-sanctioned replacement for Captain America. 

Played by Wyatt Russell, he's seen here high-fiving cheerleaders during a big football game, with Cap's symbol twisted into a very distinct "A" on his back. What's the betting USAgent's first task is to hunt down Wilson, who's currently in possession of Cap's iconic shield?

Disney Plus WandaVision

Is the the Young Avengers' MCU debut?

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4. Wanda has twins

That perfect domestic life Wanda wants doesn't just mean Vision's back. One quick scene shows Wanda and Vision looking down at two small cot beds, a nod to her comic book counterpart's twin sons. 

Of course, history repeats itself, and one of the twins has magical powers (just like his mother) while the other gets superspeed (just like Wanda's dead brother Quicksilver). Together with Ant-Man's daughter and teenage ace archer Kate Bishop, we could be seeing a build-up to a Young Avengers series.

Disney Plus Loki

Loki's new threads tell us a lot about the new series

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5. Where (or when) is Loki?

Little is known about arguably the most-anticipated series of the bunch. Loki has only just started shooting, but the trailer ends with a small clip of Tom Hiddleston's god of mischief wearing a jumpsuit emblazoned with "T.V.A.".

Sharp-eyed fans have ID'd this as the Time Variance Authority, a group of alien bureaucrats that stop time travellers from messing up the future. Given Avengers: Endgame's reliance on multiple timelines, it sounds like Loki's going all Back To The Future on us. 

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