How to get cheaper EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Points on Cyber Monday

A deal workaround can save PlayStation players a bundle on EA Sport FC 24 points to spend in Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 points deal
(Image credit: EA Sports)

As with all the FIFA games before it, EA Sports FC 24's most popular game mode is Ultimate Team and that means EA's controversial in-app purchasing system remains. You can buy packs to bolster your UT squad and many do.

However, FC Points – the in-game currency – can prove expensive and while it's possible to get a discount through EA Play membership (members get 10% off) you can find yourself spending more on them than the game cost originally.

Thankfully, as part of the Cyber Monday sales, we've found a way of making FC Points cheaper still – if you play on PS4 or PS5, that is.

All you need to do is buy a PlayStation Store gift card in the sales for less than its worth and, once redeemed, you can use the balance to pay for FC Points. That way you can save up to a further 12% – if you buy the £100 gift card from ShopTo.

£100 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £100, now £87.85 at ShopTo

£100 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £100, now £87.85 at ShopTo
Buy a PlayStation Store Gift Card from ShopTo and you get the maximum value for up to 12% off. It can then be redeemed on a PS4 or PS5 for whatever you want, including FC Points.

There are other card values available with different amounts off the overall price, too. Just head to ShopTo to see all the cards on offer.

£25 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £25, now £22.85 at ShopTo

£25 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £25, now £22.85 at ShopTo
There's 9% off the £25 PlayStation Store Gift Card.

£50 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £50, now £44.85 at ShopTo

£50 PlayStation Store Gift Card: was £50, now £44.85 at ShopTo
The £50 Gift Card has 10% off, so a saving of more than £5 on the total value once redeemed.

All of the cards bought will be delivered digitally, so you can just enter the code into your PlayStation console (via the Store) and you'll be credited the full amount as noted on the card itself.

You then pay for FC Points in EA Sports FC 24 and the amount will be deducted from your PlayStation Store credit.

Of course, you can always use it to purchase games in the PlayStation Store sales instead. You get even more value for your money that way.

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