Crystal Acoustic Cuby 7 looks and sounds good from any angle

Making speakers sound good anywhere in a room is quite hard really

Getting sound to, erm, sound good from anywhere in a room is a bit of a challenge. The big problem is that speakers tend to fire sound from one surface, meaning there is a sweet spot.

What the Crystal Acoustic Cuby 7 aims to do is create both an aesthetic speaker that looks good from any angle, but also a sound that is perfect from wherever you happen to be in the room too.

The speakers use a technology called WiSound which uses seven drivers to push sound out evenly through 360 degrees. The company claims that the tone and sound will be identical, no matter where you are. That's pretty hard to achieve in reality, but we'll reserve judgement on that until we've actually heard one in person.

The system works by using the walls and ceiling in your room to reflect sound back to you. Normal speakers obviously have the same reflections, but because their sound is only emitted from one direction the sound reflects in one direction too. Sending more power out in all directions should help mask unwanted delays too, although it's unclear how reflections will impact the overall sound quality.

The speaker boasts Bluetooth so you can connect your phone with ease, but also AptX, so it doesn't sound rubbish. If you want to go for higher quality audio there are RCA jacks and a digital input too, to give you access to the best possible sounding music from pretty much any source, like CD or vinyl.

There are four colour options and the speaker costs £269 and is available now.