Cortana trumps Apple's Siri in new Microsoft ad

The new vid touts Cortana as a husband's best bud

Siri's had the smartphone AI market locked down for quite some time, but Microsoft reckons its Cortana assistant runs rings around Apple's tech...

Microsoft's pushed a new video ad to its Windows Phone YouTube channel pitting the Cortana AI against Apple's Siri - and it didn't go to well for the fruity assistant.

"Cortana, when my wife calls, remind me to tell her 'happy anniversary'," requests the disembodied voice of a forgetful husband in the ad titled 'Happy Anniversary.'

"Next time you talk to Caroline, I'll remind you," Cortana dutifully responds.

This is where things take a dark turn for Cupertino's flagship AI. "Oh no, I cannot do that," concedes Siri. 1-0 to Cortana, then.

"Oh and remind me to get roses when I'm near any flower shop," requests the absent-minded gadgeteer.

"Sure thing - remind you when you get to flower shop," promises Cortana.

"I can't do that either," groans Siri. It's not looking good.

"Cortana, it's gonna be a great night. Oh wow, thanks for the traffic alert. I better get going," says the voice, smitten with his Microsoft AI.

"Now that is a smart phone," says Siri, admitting defeat.

Cortana, Microsoft's voice-assistant, is set to land in the UK any day now, and looks to compete with other AIs like Siri and the BlackBerry Assistant.

The software, whose fitting namesake is Master Chief's AI companion in the Halo video game series, was first demonstrated in April earlier this year at Microsoft's BUILD conference.

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