Chris Hemsworth's Centr brand becomes the official equipment supplier for popular fitness competition

Those who are into HYROX, listen up!

Chris Hemsworth standing in a boxing ring
(Image credit: Chris Hemsworth/Centr)

When Chris Hemsworth launched his workout app Centr, it was probably the actors’ biggest move within the fitness sphere. But today the brand has taken another major step, as they’ve announced they’ll be the new equipment supplier for HYROX – the biggest indoor global fitness race.

From 2024, all HYROX races will feature Centr’s new custom equipment, including battle ropes, sleds, sandbags, wall balls, targets, competition kettlebells and new interlocking bumper weight plates.

While a lot of the equipment looks similar to what HYROX currently offers, there are a few noticeable changes with certain bits of equipment. For example, the new 8-edged competition kettlebells are no longer round and will apparently offer better grip support, aerodynamics and weight distribution during the farmer carries. The new one-of-a-kind interlocking bumper weight plates are also pretty flash in comparison to the iron plates used and even have markings on the edge to indicate the weight.

However, it’s not just equipment Centr will be supplying, as they'll also be launching a custom HYROX programme via the app to help those competing, prep for the big day. All the equipment will also be available to buy too, so people can train with exactly the same equipment they would use on race day. A date hasn't been given as to when this will be, but we're assuming it will most probably be early next year when the equipment launches itself.

You can find more information on the Centr x HYROX performance line here

Bryony Firth-Bernard
Staff Writer, Active

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