The cheapest AirPods prices in January 2018

Get the best prices on Apple's AirPods

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If you're after the cheapest AirPods prices, you're in right place. The Apple AirPods were initially quite hard to get hold of, but you can now snap up a pair and have them the next day (or even same day!)

Apple's default RRP for the AirPods is £159/$159, so whatever you do, don't pay any more than that. If stock starts to run out, you'll possibly see some retailers charge more in the comparison chart below, but we'd urge you to hold on for normality to resume. 

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The Apple AirPods are a perfect match for the iPhone 7, but thanks to the Bluetooth technology you can pair them with plenty of other phones, MacBooks and laptops. If you're a little naughty, you could even pair them with an Android phone - note that they won't sync automatically as they would with an iPhone 7, you'll have to manually pair them.

The Apple AirPods come with the carry case, which also acts as a charger, holding multiple charges for the headphones. The case itself is charged via a cable and doesn't need the AirPods inside to charge either.

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