The best AirPods deals and AirPods Pro deals are on NOW – why wait for Black Friday?

The best cheap Apple AirPods deals and AirPods Pro deals

Cheap Apple AirPods deal lowest price ever
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Looking for the best cheap AirPods deals? Good news: they are popping up all over the place, including, recently, the UK’s biggest ever Apple AirPods Pro price cut. It's not at John Lewis & Partners, although they do have a deal that sees AirPods Pro reduced to £219. That is mere chicken feed compared to THIS AirPods Pro deal however…

🇬🇧AirPods Pro £214 – save £35 at Appliances Direct

This is the equal lowest UK price we have ever seen, ever. Alternatively, there's this:

AirPods Pro £216 at Scan – save £33 AND get a free wireless charging pad worth a big £10

You don't want to go Pro? No problem, there's also these great deals on your standard AirPods.

 • AirPods with standard case now just £130 at Laptops Direct in the UK

• Or save £40 on Apple AirPods with wireless charging case at Amazon – now £159

🇺🇸 In the US, there are also some decent AirPods deals

• Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds $219 while supplies last at Amazon (save $30)

• Amazon also has standard 'Pods for $129 (save $30)

• Or AirPods with the wireless charging case for $159 (save $40)

AirPods and AirPods Pro are among the best true wireless earbuds you can buy. The RRP for AirPods with standard charging case is £159/$159. With a wireless case, £199/$199. AirPods Pro are usually £249/$249. Black Friday deals will no doubt see AirPods sales and deals, but they won't necessarily be any cheaper than these prices.

Today's Best Apple AirPods Pro deals

Apple AirPods Pro | Was £249 | Now £219 at Appliances Direct
Greatly improved in terms of fit and sound quality compared to the standard AirPods, Apple's latest and greatest buds boast noise cancelling and EQ adjustment to match your surroundings. This deal knocks £50 off the usual price, which is better than the usual UK discount of £0.00.View Deal

Apple AirPods Pro Was: $249 | Now: $219 | Savings: $30
The biggest US price drop on Apple's wireless earbuds, Amazon's taking $30 off the AirPods Pro earbuds for a limited time. This offer is only available while supplies last, so don't sit too long on this one!View Deal

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Apple AirPods with standard Charging Case | Was £159 | Now £125 at Laptops Direct
Laptops Direct keep dropping winning deals on the much-wanted Apple AirPods with standard, non-wireless charging case. It recently had AirPods down to their lowest ever price at the retailer – or anywhere else, come to that, and this deal is still the best in the UK. View Deal

🇺🇸Buy AirPods with non-wireless charging case for $129 at Amazon – save $30

Apple AirPods 2019 with wireless charging case £159 – was £199, save £40 at Amazon
Like the offer above but with the added bonus of wireless charging, this AirPods deal sees Amazon beat the rest to be King of the Discounts. Unlikely to last long. Well, I've been saying 'unlikely to last long' for well over a month now, but eventually it'll be true. View Deal

Why you should buy Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro

Apple products have always been famed for their built quality and design and the AirPods are an excellent example of this mentality.

Apple has always put user experience at the forefront of everything they do. The AirPods are compact but last up to 24 hours with one charge, connect to your iPhone automatically and even turn themselves on automatically.

The long battery life is thanks to the upgraded H1 chip that now also supports hands free controls using the Siri voice assistant.

AirPods Pro sound way better, fit more securely and have noise cancelling – they are more like 'proper' true wireless earbuds for music listening, rather than a great lifestyle product that's part earbud and part Bluetooth headset for voice calls.

We most likely won't see new AirPods until later this year, and it's hard to imagine they'll differ radically from the current buds. So if you want cheap AirPods, you should get them now, for a discounted price. 

About these AirPods deals

Our pricing widgets generally find the best prices all the time but if you want some manually checked, curated deals, these are the current best AirPod deals, offers and sales, with choice price cuts in the UK, USA and further afield.

The newer AirPods – sometimes known as AirPods 2, AirPods (2019) or AirPods gen 2 – have slightly better battery life than the first gen and the ability to summon Siri with voice alone, where the first version required a tap of your ear. 

Some models come with a wireless charging case, which is also compatible with all other AirPods. Other than that, it is very hard to tell the difference between the first and second generation AirPods. That's why it's worth looking out for deals on remaining stocks of them.

The even newer AirPods Pro are a different kettle of, um, true wireless buds. They sound way, way better because they fit so much more firmly in your ear, and have better drivers. They also add noise cancellation, 'adaptive' EQ and the ability to read texts out to you. AirPods Pro come with wireless charging as standard rather than as an option.

Best Apple Airpods deals

Apple AirPods come in two variants, one with a charging case that charges via Lightning to USB and the more expensive Wireless Charging Case which charges via a wireless (Qi-compatible) charging mat or Lightning connector. Both cases are capable of holding multiple charges for the headphones. In general you'll get 5 hours of use from a fully charged brace of AirPods, and the case has enough power in it to get you through a full 24 hours in total. The AirPods don't need to be inside while the case charges.

AirPods Pro only come with a wireless charging case, and also only come in white.

The standard price for AirPods with charging case is £159/$159. With a wireless case, £199/$199. AirPods Pro are £249/$249.

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AirPods alternatives

If the prices above are still a bit much, check out our picks for the Best Apple AirPods alternatives or maybe take a look at some other iPhone friendly options in our Beats headphone deals and Best Bose deals pages.

Apple AirPods are a perfect match for the iPhone, and designed to sync instantly and allow easy control of Siri and Apple Music.

However, at the end of the day, they're a pair of Bluetooth true wireless buds, and as such will pair with plenty of other phones and laptops. You could even pair them with an Android phone but note that they won't sync automatically as they would with an iPhone, you'll have to manually pair them, the old fashioned way. And obviously they won't give you access to Siri. Aww.

Accessorise your AirPods

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