Cheap Samsung Galaxy A51 phone deals make a great device even more affordable

Step aside Samsung Galaxy S21, the Galaxy A51 is the best midrange Android smartphone going, especially with these huge phone deals on it

Samsung Galaxy A51 phone deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

After combing through hundreds of handsets to find the best cheap phones, Samsung Galaxy A51 is clearly one of the best options for anyone hunting for a flagship-esque smartphone for half the price.

The most striking thing about the Galaxy A51, and the first thing you'll notice, is the gigantic screen, which measures in at 6.5-inches with Super AMOLED tech making sure that colours pop and blacks look really dark. It's easily on the same level as the more expensive S20 and S21 smartphones Samsung sells.

As we found in our Galaxy A51 review, the handset is best described as a midrange marvel: the screen is big and beautiful, the camera is fantastic, and everything else is great for a midrange handset that doesn't cost the earth. If you're interested in the S20, S21, or Note series, this is the ideal smartphone for you.

Samsung has been really generous with what you actually get from the A51, too. There's a microSD card slot, for example, meaning that for very little money (probably less than £20), you can expand the storage two or threefold, making the lower-end models that much more desirable.

The only other smartphone that really comes close is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which costs a fair chunk more. At least until the Samsung Galaxy A52 arrives that is.

The best Samsung Galaxy A51 deals (UK)

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB) | 6.5-inch | Android 11 Get 20GB data for £18/month on O2

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB) | 6.5-inch | Android 11
Get 20GB data for £18/month on O2
Anyone looking for an A51 in the UK has been blessed by this deal from O2, offering a very generous dollop of data for a low monthly cost and, get this, £0 upfront. The contract runs for 24 months and the A51 is good enough to stay fresh for that long.

The best Samsung Galaxy A51 deals (US)

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB) | 6.5-inch | Android 11 $408

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB) | 6.5-inch | Android 11
$408 $384 unlocked from Visible
Discount retailer Visible is currently offering a Galaxy A51 unlocked with $24 off the asking price, which doesn't sound like much but does make this the best sub-$400 handset on the market by far. There are also some monthly options, starting at $16/month.

Samsung has worked hard to make the Galaxy A51 as affordable as possible while retaining everything that makes the most expensive handsets so good: a big screen, great camera, fast hardware, and latest version of Android.

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