Cheap QLED TV deals: this Prime Day deal gets you a 50-inch QLED for under £400!

TCL's cheap 4K QLED TVs bring top picture quality for less… and now, even less – don't miss out

TCL cheap QLED TV Prime Deal
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Amazon is currently running its biggest event of the year: Prime Day deals. After postponing, Amazon is giving us two solid days of incredible deals on basically everything, including TCL's new cheap 4K QLED TVs, which are £100 off right now. This will be one of the hottest Prime Day TV deals, guaranteed!

Having a great TV is, without question, the quickest and easiest way to improve a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and wherever else in the house. As the winter evenings draw in, curling up with a good TV show or movie is an absolute must. And TCL is on the case, offering a range of discounted QLED TVs as part of Prime Day.

TCL's offerings are pretty simple: 4K and Dolby Vision come as standard alongside your usual Android-based smart TV tech, giving you hands-free control as well as access to basically unlimited streaming content. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are onboard to answer any pressing questions, cue up the next episode, and a lot more besides.

If you've been searching for a 4K TV for a while, now is a fantastic time to grab one.

TCL C715 4K QLED TV (50-inch) | £499

TCL C715 4K QLED TV (50-inch) | £499 £399 from Amazon
The 50-inch TCL C715 4K TV does everything bigger TVs can and is perfect for smaller rooms that don't need a giant display on the wall. All of the smart TV features are present and correct, the price is just lower.

TCL C715 4K QLED TV (55-inch) | £599

TCL C715 4K QLED TV (55-inch) | £599 £499 from Amazon
If you fancy something a little bigger, but still want something that isn't massive, the 55-inch version might be a better fit. It's still 4K, and still has the smart TV credentials, but will still manage to fade into the background when needed.

(65-inch) | £799

TCL C715 4K QLED TV (65-inch) | £799 £729 from Amazon
You've made it down this far without clicking so that means you're after something pretty big and TCL is happy to deliver with its 65-inch 4K TV, perfect for watching TV and movies on the big screen.

With Amazon's Prime Day deals and discounts in full swing, there's never been a better time to grab the 4K TV you've been holding off buying for a while. 

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