Cheap Google Home Hub deal: get £30 off right now

Google's diminutive smart display is now just £89

Google Home Hub Deal

Last November, Google dropped the price of its Google Home Hub to £99 in its round of Black Friday deals – a saving of £40 off the price when it launched a month earlier.

That was a generous discount, but now the Google Home Hub – which has been rebranded as the Google Nest Hub – has dropped to an even lower price: just £89 at Currys. That's a tasty discount of £30 off the £119 price that retailers were generally selling it for prior to these price cuts.

It's also available for £89 at John Lewis, including a two-year guarantee.

Google Home Hub | Now £89 | Was £119 | Save £30 at Currys
Currys has knocked £30 off Google's all-singing, all-dancing Nest Home Hub gadget. The Google Assistant-powered device has a 7-inch touchscreen that can be used to adjust the smart lights and thermostat in your home, or can simply cycle through the images in your Google Photos folders.View Deal

Google Home Hub | Now £89 | Was £119 | Save £30 at John Lewis
If you prefer to shop at John Lewis, you can get the Google Home Hub with the same £30 price cut, while John Lewis also throws in its two-year guarantee. Colours available are charcoal and chalk.View Deal

The Google Home Hub sports a 7-inch LCD touchscreen which can be used to control any smart lights and smart thermostats already installed around your home. Google Home Hub also has integration with more than 5,000 smart home products from some 400 brands.

The touchscreen also displays additional information whenever you ask Google Assistant a question. This information is presented with the same Material Design card-like interface seen across the suite of Google products.

It's worth noting that Home Hub does not have a front-facing camera, something its main competitor, Amazon Echo Show, boasts as one of its main features. Google says it ditched the camera over privacy concerns, since the Home Hub is designed to live in your kitchen, lounge, and bedroom.

The biggest selling point with the Google Home Hub is its tight integration with Google Photos, indeed this smart gadget is closer to the digital photo frames of yore than a modern, AI-powered smart speaker. Home Hub owners are able to ask for photographs from a particular location, or time. When it's not in use, Home Hub will display some choice snaps with transitions and the like.

Additionally, you can also cast some apps including YouTube, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube Music to the device.