Cancel my subscription – cost of living crisis is the biggest reason for those logging off

A new study finds that digital subscriptions and tech purchases are still being cancelled or delayed due to cost of living crisis

Which streaming service offers most value?
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If you’ve cancelled your Netflix subscription or any other streaming service this year, you’re not alone. According to a new survey, 50% of those asked had stopped or cut back on entertainment subscriptions in the UK and the US. The biggest reason for this was the continued cost of living crisis. 

The study, conducted by our sister site TechRadar, also found that the cost of living crisis was also delaying the buying of new tech for some readers, though the majority would rather cut back on going out than buying new gadgets. 

Instead, buyers are being wiser with their choices, taking more time researching the best product and ensuring that they get it for the very best price. Instead of going straight to a retailer, more are seeking out an expert review to make the right choice or the very best deal available. 

TechRadar new design

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To meet this growing demand of deal-conscious buyers, TechRadar has rebranded its website, labelling the site ‘the technology experts’. The new-look site includes a new ‘ask an expert’ section and new regular features to answer specific needs. The website has a new user experience, with a new menu and navigation to make it easier to find the product you want. 

Marc McLaren, UK Editor-in-Chief of TechRadar told T3, “The new TechRadar is all about helping our readers buy, use and enjoy the best technology, so we needed a website that works just as seamlessly to take them where they needed to go.” 

TechRadar first launched back in 2008 and is now one of the world’s biggest tech sites, with 17 versions across the globe serving their local audiences. Published by Future (the same publisher as T3 and Tom’s Guide) it continues to provide top-class editorial expertise and opinion. 

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