California makes huge commitment to electric vehicles

Charging stations everywhere

One of the most populated states in the US has made a major commitment to the development of electric vehicles in the shape of hundreds of charging stations and new options for drivers.

Drivers of electric vehicles in California will be happy to learn that a range of large businesses operating in the state will be adding hundreds of electric vehicles and/or charging stations to push the state to a future that is fully electrified.

Navy and Marine Corps bases in the state are among those helping and to that end they will roll out some 450 zero-pollution vehicles whilst a number of major utility companies will add vehicles and charging stations to the state's roads. Even Coca-Cola is getting in on the act and providing a similar package.

It has made some people very pleased. Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, is one of them and happy that the increased charging stations will help bring down one of the final barriers to widespread adoption - the worry that cars will run out of juice.

California has been there from the start when it comes to electric vehicles and elected leaders have put in place policies that will help it reach the target of having one million zero or low-emission vehicles on the road within the coming years.

Government intervention is a key driver of electric vehicles across the planet especially in the UK where trials of a smart motorway that charges cars as they drive along it is already underway thus giving the vehicles a real chance to prosper.