Running shoes: I'm in love with the out-of-this-world design of the new Brooks Aurora-BL

Brooks' latest running shoe innovation features 'space age design' and 'softer, lighter and more responsive' DNA LOFT v3 cushioning

Brooks Aurora BL price release date
(Image credit: Brooks Running)

The new Brooks Aurora-BL announcement came out of the blue. It's not like I wasn't expecting the American brand to release new running shoes, but I was certainly not expecting a running shoe with so much... personality.

Especially considering that the new Aurora-BL is part of Brooks' high-tech running shoes range, which includes the excellent Hyperion Elite, the even better Brooks Hyperion Tempo and the fantastic Brooks Catamount, a trio of relatively 'normal' looking shoes. But let's start at the beginning.

So, we already knew that Brooks designs and manufacturers the best running shoes on the market, but the brand wasn't famous for its 'out of this world' designs, at least up until now. All the running shoes mentioned above have a relatively straightforward, 'traditional' design, at least when it comes to aesthetics, whereas the Aurora-BL looks downright wacky in comparison.

According to Brooks, the Aurora-BL "is specifically designed for runners looking for a one-of-a-kind, limited edition shoe that delivers supreme softness and a smooth, natural ride."

Brooks Aurora-BL: price and release date

The Brooks Aurora-BL will be available from 10 June 2021 at Brooks US, Brooks UK and at selected third-party retailers a recommended retail price of $200/£180.

AUS prices TBC.

Brooks Aurora-BL: features

The 'BL' in the name of Aurora-BL stands for Blue Line, a range of running shoes that includes footwear with more innovative and daring design, both in terms of running dynamics and since the announcement of the new shoes, also looks.

As Brooks explains, the Aurora-BL is inspired by the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the exploration, discovery and learning that happened in space. The design incorporates space themes, including textures, reflective accents, nitrogen infusion ports and more – a nod to the optimisation of every feature for best performance in space and on the ground too.

Brooks claims that the Aurora-BL represents a unique entry to the cushion category as there are no other shoe that combines this amount of cushion with a decoupled midsole, "allowing each part of the foot to move in its natural motion".

The new nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 midsole is said to be softer, lighter, and more responsive than previous-gen DNA LOFT midsoles to effectively recreate the "weightless feeling of gliding through space", the main inspiration behind the Aurora-BL.

Despite the lightness of the midsole and the overall construction of the shoes, the cushioning doesn’t sacrifice durability, thanks to the fine-tuned nitrogen injection that uses large-cell foaming for 'optimised responsiveness'.

Both the men's and women's version of the Brooks Aurora-BL have a midsole drop of 6mm. The women's version weighs 215 grams/7.6oz and comes in Grey/Coral/Black colourway. The men's version weighs 240 grams/8.5oz and comes in Persimmon/Antarctica colourway.

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