Bremont teams up with new thriller on Argylle-inspired watch collection

The Bremont X Argylle collection features three unique watches inspired by the film’s characters

Bremont X Argylle collection
(Image credit: Bremont)

Bremont has just debuted a new limited edition watch collection, in collaboration with new thriller, Argylle. The Bremont X Argylle collection features three espionage-inspired timepieces based on the film’s key characters, played by Henry Caville, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell.

Bremont has launched a few new exciting collaborations this year, including the most recent RNLI 200th anniversary collection, made up of nautical-themed watches with RNLI logos, colours and accents. The luxury British watchmaker has also frequently collaborated with filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, including exclusive special edition Kingsman watches based on the 2014 film directed and produced by Vaughn.

The next project from Bremont and Vaughn is the Bremont x Argylle collection, which is made up of three watches named after and inspired by the movie’s main character’s: Argylle, Aidan and Elly. All three timepieces showcase an argyle diamond pattern on the dials, but also pay homage to the watches that the characters wear in the film.

The first watch from the collection is the Argylle, named after the title character played by Henry Cavill. Limited to 200 pieces, the watch has a 43mm trip-tick case, a black argyle patterned dial, and is powered by a Modified Calibre 13 1/4 BE-69AV movement with a 56 hour power reserve.

Based on Bremont’s Solo 43, this GMT watch is complemented by gold-plated indexes, hours and minutes hands, a push down crown and a decorated rotor visible through the exhibition case back. A date window sits at the six o’clock position and a running seconds counter is at the nine hour marker. Complete with a black leather strap, this watch captures the glamour of espionage and stands out with its well-crafted design.

Bremont Argylle collection on a white background

L: Argylle Jet / C: Argylle / R: Argylle Elly

(Image credit: Bremont)

Inspired by Sam Rockwell’s character Aidan, the Argylle Jet is based on the Bremont U-2 watch and has military-inspired adornments. Similar to the Argylle with its patterned dial and 43mm trip-tick case, the Argylle Jet differs with its blue colour palette. The blue hour, minute and seconds hands are filled with vintage Super-Luminova, and the seconds hand is tipped in yellow as a nod to the film’s themes.

Constructed with DLC-treated stainless steel, a jet-black barrel and powered by a Modified Calibre 11 1/2 BE-36AE.00 movement, the Argylle Jet has a date window at three o’clock and is 38 hour power reserve. Compared to the Argylle, it’s more understated yet still stylish, and limited to 75 pieces.

The last watch in the collection is the Argylle Elly, Bryce Dallas Howard’s character. A smaller watch than the other two, the Elly has a 34mm trip-tick case, and is based on the Bremont Solo 34. The dial has a white argyle pattern on the dial, and features blue hour and minute hands, yellow diamond-tipped seconds hands and a date window at six o’clock.

Powered by the Modified Calibre 11 1/2 BE-92AV movement, the watch is finished with a polished stainless steel case, DLC barrel, a 50 hour power reserve and a bold yellow leather strap. The smallest and least expensive watch in the collection, the Elly is also limited to 30 pieces.

Available to buy on the Bremont website, the Bremont X Argylle collection is priced between £3,350 - £4,950, and since it’s limited edition, you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on the Argylle, Argylle Jet or Argylle Elly timepieces.

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