Bowflex adds affordable folding treadmill to its home gym equipment portfolio

New "incredibly functional" treadmill combines the best of Bowflex with an entry-level price point

Bowflex launches affordable BXT8Ji Treadmill
(Image credit: Bowflex)

Already available to buy in the US, Bowflex, most famous for its adjustable dumbbells, premium treadmills and ellipticals, announced a new addition to its ever-expanding UK product portfolio in the form of the Bowflex BXT8Ji Treadmill, which is said to be an 'affordable yet functional running machine'. And it folds, too!

The best folding treadmills are incredibly popular among fans of home workouts as they require less floor space to store than non-folding running machines, making them an ideal choice for people with smaller homes. And while some folding treadmills cut a few too many corners, we can always count on Bowflex to provide a similar high-quality workout experience with the BXT8Ji Treadmill than its full-size Bowflex Treadmill 22.

The company says the new home gym equipment offers high-performance cardio and the ability to pair your device to the JRNY adaptive fitness app. There is no built-in multimedia display, sadly, but you can pop your tablet or phone on the media shelf to stream whatever content you want (alternatively, you can orient the treadmill towards a TV for a larger screen).

Bowflex launches affordable BXT8Ji Treadmill

(Image credit: Bowflex)

Key features include a 20 x 60-inch (51cm x 152cm) running belt and Comfort Tech cushioning system for a softer landing, SoftDrop folding system and transport wheels, DualTrack LCD screen with 26 built-in workout programs (no Wi-Fi required) and more.

Better still, the Bowflex BXT8Ji Treadmill can reach speeds as high as 12 mph (approx 19.3 km/h) and a 15% motorised incline to push workouts further. You can also connect a heart rate monitor to the running machine to help you stay in the target zone, along with contact and telemetry-enabled features for heart rate monitoring.

The Bowflex BXT8Ji Treadmill is now available exclusively in Fitness Superstore in the UK for a recommended retail price of £1,599. It's much cheaper in the US at $1,299, available via Bowflex. Price includes a 2-month free trial of JRNY (new members only). For more info, visit Bowflex today.

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