BOA Fit System's new Alpine Ski Boot Solution delivers a scientifically proven performance advantage

After more than five years of development, the BOA Fit System's new Alpine Ski Boot Solution is here

BOA Alpine Ski Boots
BOA's revolutionary H+i1 Fit System featured on Fischer Ski Boots
(Image credit: Tom Klocker Photo)

With summer finally over and temperatures beginning to drop, it means one thing for skiing enthusiasts. Whilst there are a few more months to go, it's officially time to start organising your group, booking those chalets and purchasing that much-needed ski gear. Well, if some new ski boots are on the agenda, you're in luck. 

BOA Technology, the creator of the award-winning patented BOA Fit System, has launched its first Alpine Ski Boot solution in partnership with four of the leading global Ski brands (K2, Salomon, Atomic, and Fischer) and one of Austria’s most decorated ski racers, Benjamin Raich. The solution delivers an elevated user experience, scientifically proven fit and performance advantage, and the durability to withstand the most extreme alpine conditions.

BOA’s team of designers, engineers and product developers combined their 20+ years of experience acquired across multiple industries to build the most powerful, durable and integrated platform in its history, backed by the BOA Lifetime Guarantee. The solution had been under development for more than five years, with over 50,000 hours spent internally, brought to life by on-hand brand partners and expert skiers. 

Boa ski boot lab

Development of BOA's H+i1 Fit System at the EMEA office in Mondsee

(Image credit: Merja Geh)

The BOA Performance Fit Lab, established in 2018 to scientifically prove BOA’s performance advantage in multiple sports, conducted a dedicated Alpine Ski study published in Frontier in Sports. The study outlined that the BOA Fit System improved pressure distribution, seeing a 13% reduction in peak pressure on the top of the foot whilst still delivering a precise uniform fit. It also saw an improved responsiveness and power transfer during turns. There was up to 6% increase in peak forces underneath the foot and 10% improvement in the rate of force production at turn initiation.

The system comprises a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight and durable laces, and low-friction lace guides, all designed specifically for Alpine skiing. The micro-adjustable dial ensures maximum impact protection thanks to the bayonet and cartridge system, which can be adjusted in both directions. The laces contain 19 strands of stainless steel, permeated and wrapped in Nylon coated by 90 more strands of stainless steel, enforcing the extent of durability. The lace guide, the Terminator 2, is there to fix the end of the lace.

BOA fit system

BOA's revolutionary H+i1 Fit System

(Image credit: BOA)

The Rivet Guides then position the attachment point in a similar way to buckles. Low Friction Guides settle the lace tension to create a uniform wrap and adapt to every individual foot shape. 

If an impactful accident were to occur, the cartridge is engineered to eject from the bayonet to avoid catastrophic damage. It can then be easily reinserted by hand.

Boa fit system

BOA Alpine Athlete Benni Raich at EMEA office in Mondsee

(Image credit: Merja Geh)

Expert user insight from former World Champion and double Olympic Gold medalist Benjamin Raich was incorporated and used to optimise the system at every step of the journey. Raich noted “As a racer, you are always intensely focused on finding every performance advantage. The BOA alpine project has been an incredible opportunity to leverage this experience and work closely with their team to improve boot fit and skiing performance for the next generation of athletes.”

The BOA Alpine project was the biggest and boldest initiative since 2001 when Gary Hammerslag had the vision and tenacity to create a solution for Snowboard Boots, which delivered a material improvement in fit and user experience.” shares Shawn Neville, CEO of BOA Technology. 

Two decades later, with 259 Registered Patents and over 200 million sold systems, BOA remains deeply committed to pushing the limits of human performance through its scientifically proven solutions and partnership with the leading brands across snowsports, cycling, athletic, outdoor, workwear and medical bracing, to make their best gear even better.”

To explore the revolutionary new Alpine Ski boots powered by the BOA Fit System, visit the BOA website

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