BlackBerry PlayBook price drop sees all models just $299

RIM slashes the PlayBook price tag as the QNX tablet struggles to compete with the Fire

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook QNX tablet has come in for a dramatic price drop as all models are made available for just $299 in an attempt to rival the Fire

BlackBerry's parent company Research In Motion has taken one step closer to ditching its flailing tablet offering with the BlackBerry PlayBook once again given a dramatic price drop in an effort to shift units.

With savings of up to $400 RIM is offering all PlayBook models for just $299 (£192) in the US as the QNX tablet comes under pressure from the recent spate of impressive Android tablets and the Google OS based Amazon Kindle Fire.

BlackBerry PlayBook Sales Price

With 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacity PlayBooks available RIM has taken the unusual move of handing all three sized tablets the same price tag with a mass of 16GB units expected to be left long after the 64GB models have been snapped up. The 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook was originally priced at $699.99 (£450).

Whilst the current sale is set to run until February 4th with wannabe PlayBook owners able to pick up a BlackBerry branded tablet from the RIM online store, it is believed the Canadian manufacturer will continue to offer the PlayBook at a heavily discounted price until all units are sold.

Have you already snapped up a BlackBerry PlayBook? Are you disappointed by the support offered by BlackBerry or eager to make the most of the recent price drop? Let us know via the comments box below.

BlackBerry PlayBook video

Via: TechRadar