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Best iron deals
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Looking for a great deal on a steam iron? No, okay, it's probably not something you woke up this morning yearning for. However, if you must iron clothes, you want the best steam iron for the job, but that can mean major expense these days. Because we're not talking about any old irons, here: these are serious bits of fabric-flattening kit. 

If you haven't purchased an iron recently – perhaps you're still using the calcium-choked, £20 one you bought at uni, you big skank – you may be surprised by what they look like, and what they can do nowadays. 

Philips makes the best irons available to humankind, and its steam irons and steam generators – essentially an iron with a huge, pumped, external water tank – look like something out of Star Trek: Discovery. They are also so powerful and so clever, they almost make ironing fun. Almost.

If you take a look at our buying guide for irons, you'll see in black and white that the Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 is The Best Steam Generator. However it has an RRP of £350, which you might find off-putting. Not today, though…

• Buy Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 for £200 – save £150 (opens in new tab)

If that's still a bit much, we also highly rate Philips' Azur line of steam irons, and this one is a steal today.

• Buy Philips Azur steam iron GC4567/86 for £55 – was £90 – save £35 (opens in new tab)

• Shop all today's Amazon Philips iron deals (opens in new tab)

With a 250g steam boost and a silky smooth face plate that glides across your fabrics, the Azur is a great buy for £55. Especially as it makes removing limescale deposits incredibly easy. However, the PerfectCare Elite is some whole next-level grooming solution. It has no temperature dial, is completely safe on all fabrics – due to science or witchcraft, you can actually leave it on top of silk or polyester and it will not burn – and has a huge water/steam tank that delivers a pulsating 470g steam boost when the going gets tough.

Best iron deals

The PerfectCare Elite steam generator is £150 off today

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Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 £200 | Was £350 | Save £150 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This steam generator features a 1.8-litre water and steam tank that puts out steam at a continuous 135g/min, with a boost button which raises that to 470g. It has no temperature dial to puzzle over and is wonderfully easy to de-calc. In short, it takes nearly all the hard work out of ironing – worth £200 of anyone's cash, surely?

Philips Azur steam iron GC4567/86 £55 | Was £90 | Save £35 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
A Mini Me to the Elite's doctor Evil, this has a relatively puny 50g/min steam output, although the 250g boost button packs a punch. However, with similarly smooth-gliding performance and a price of just £55 – though we don't know for how long as this is a 'time limited deal' – the Azur steam iron is a great buy.

Why you should buy Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20

Key features one temperature, auto steam, easy descale
Tank capacity 1.8 litres
Continuous steam 135g/min
Steam boost 470g

This premium steam generator has been around long enough to a) prove its longevity and b) start getting price cuts. Philips' PerfectCare system means there is no temperature dial; it just flattens anything from wool, silk or man-made fibres to heavyweight cotton, without you having to fiddle with anything. As it also cannot burn fabrics, it's literally idiot-proof, in fact. Easy De-Calc Plus is a quick and easy way to remove limescale. 

We've been using one of these for years and it has made our ironing duties considerably more tolerable. You do need a fairly large space to store it away but other than that, the Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 is hard to fault, especially at this much reduced price. 

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