I found the best Prime Day drone deal – DJI Mini 3 Pro falls to lowest-ever price

Save big on the ultimate sub-249g drone from DJI

DJI Mini 3 Pro deal
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Aimed at enthusiast photographers, videographers, and those who want to experience the fun of shooting from more interesting and creative angles without getting bogged down by drone regulations or flying qualifications, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is an excellent flying tripod. And thanks to this Prime Day deal, it's also more affordable now.

In fact, it's the cheapest it's ever been, both in the UK and the US. Our DJI Mini 3 Pro review praised the drone for its superb image quality and hassle-free flying capability. We were so impressed with it that it nearly flew to the top of T3's best drone guide. If you're interested in becoming a drone pilot and have some cash at hand, this cheap drone deal is a must.

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC Version) + Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery: was £918, now £709 at Amazon

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC Version) + Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery: was £918, now £709 at Amazon
The DJI Mini 3 Pro is the ultimate sub-249g drone. Capable of capturing 4K @ 60fps video and 48 MP photos, the Mini 3 Pro also offers True Vertical Shooting for portrait shots, ideal for social media. The cheapest it's ever been – don't miss out!

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a fun and easy to fly drone that you can take – and fly – just about anywhere you want to. It also produces photo and video quality beyond its entry-level looks, super portability and sub-249g regulation-friendly weight.

With its 1/1.3-inch type sensor, obstacle avoidance and superior image quality, the DJI Mini 3 Pro goes beyond an entry-level drone. It even surpasses the DJI Mavic Air 2, which has a 1/2-inch type sensor and weighs 570g, giving you more to think about before flying. 

Consequently, the DJI Mini 3 Pro makes a great choice of drone for its target market of enthusiast photographers and videographers, but it also has enough to offer experienced drone pilots looking for something they can take everywhere and fly at a moment's notice.

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