Google Pixel 8 Pro cases: 5 awesome options to protect your Android champion

The Pixel 8 Pro is a great phone – so don't let any harm come to it

Google Pixel 8 Pro
There are official case options for the Pixel 8 Pro
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Even owners of Samsung and Apple handsets would have to admit that the Google Pixel 8 Pro is one of the best phones around at the moment (arguably the best Android phone). Besides all the AI smarts Google has built into it, the handset comes with a super-quick Tensor G3 processor, 12GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal storage, and a powerful triple-lens camera around the back.

That's a lot of smartphone for your money, and it'll cost you a lot of money to get hold of one, as well. Pricing for the Google Pixel 8 Pro starts at a not insignificant £999 / $999 / AU$1699, and that's if you settle for the 128GB model. It's quite an investment, and so you want to make sure your Pixel 8 Pro is well protected while you're out and about.

And this is why you need one of the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases – these cases will protect your smartphone against drops and knocks, and will often add a touch of extra style as well. If you're in the market for such a case, we've picked out five superb options that we fully recommend below, covering a variety of designs and price points.

Caseology Athlex:

Caseology Athlex: £12.99 at Amazon

We admire a case that goes about its business with the minimum of fuss, and that's certainly true of the Caseology Athlex case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro: it offers a lovely textured feel to improve grip, it keeps your Pixel 8 Pro well protected against accidents, and it has raised lips front and back to look after the display and the cameras. On top of all that, it's available for a very decent price, making it easy for us to recommend it.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Case:

Google Pixel 8 Pro Case: £27.99 at Amazon

Sometimes, the official option is the best option. Google makes both the Pixel 8 Pro and this Pixel 8 Pro case, so you know it's going to fit snugly and securely around your smartphone. It's available in four tasteful colours, and it's made from stain-resistant silicone, so it's still going to look great months and years down the line. These cases are made from 42% recycled materials as well, which we're always happy to see.

Spigen Liquid Air Case:

Spigen Liquid Air Case: £16.99 at Amazon

There's nothing fussy or flamboyant about this Google Pixel 8 Pro case – it just does the job at a very affordable price, and you can pick it up in black, green, or blue. Not only does Spigen have many years of experience in producing top-notch phone cases, it's also an official Google Pixel partner, so you can be confident that you're getting something of high quality here. It adds a decent level of phone protection, without being overly bulky.

Torro Leather Case:

Torro Leather Case: £34.99 at Amazon

Torro does a fine job of making premium cases for all kinds of smartphones, and its cowhide leather offering for the Pixel 8 Pro is no exception. The expertly measured fit means you still get access to the screen and all the ports and buttons, but it makes your handset look a little bit more stylish, while adding some protection against scratches and bumps too. There's also room in here for your credit and debit cards and some cash.

Owkey MagSafe Case:

Owkey MagSafe Case: £19.99 at Amazon

If you're juggling a Pixel 8 Pro and an iPhone, or you just want to take advantage of Apple's range of wireless charging accessories, then the Owkey MagSafe Case is well worth a look. As well as adding MagSafe compatibility to your Google phone, it'll also add a high level of protection to the handset, with raised edges to protect the display and the cameras around the back. It's also one of the more affordable Google Pixel 8 Pro case options.

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