Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals for Black Friday and May 2024

There are deals and discounts to be had on the Apple Watch Series 6

Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals
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The Apple Watch Series 6 was launched in the autumn of 2020, and as such, there are many deals to be had on what used to be the very best Apple Watch at the time. The Watch Series 6 is packed full of health, sport and fitness features. It can also seamlessly connect to your iPhone over Bluetooth (or using its own 4G connection) to handle messages, emails, calls and even stream music.

Of course, this superb smartwatch can also track your daily activity, exercise and sleep, but it also packs some potentially life-saving features. The first is an ECG app that takes a single-lead electrocardiogram and can alert you to the signs of an irregular heartbeat that could be a symptom of atrial fibrillation.

Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Apple Watch Series 6 is packed with smart features that can help you navigate everyday life easier and safer. These include alerts of an abnormally high or low heart rate and a feature called Fall Detection checks if you are okay when you take a fall. If you don’t respond, it can automatically call your emergency contacts or even the local emergency services for help.

It was the first Apple wearable to feature a pair of sensors on the back of the case to measure blood oxygen levels. This indicates how well your body absorbs oxygen and the amount of O2 delivered to your body.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is offered with a 40mm or 44mm case, both of which have an always-on touchscreen display that constantly shows the time on your choice of personalised watch face.

Both Apple Watch Series 6 sizes have aluminium case options of space grey, silver, gold, blue and red. After that, there is the more expensive stainless steel case in silver and gold, then the Watch Edition with its titanium case in black and grey. 

All models of Watch Series 6 can be bought with a huge range of Apple-made straps, ranging from sport-focused rubber straps to stylish leather or metal ones, and finally, the flagship Hermés range with their unique branded watch faces and luxury leather straps.

All versions of Watch Series 6 can be bought with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or with 4G to access mobile data without needing your iPhone nearby. They all work with Apple Pay for contactless payments, and they are all water-resistant to 50 metres, so they are safe to swim with. For more cheap Apple wearable deals, check out the best Apple Watch deals.

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