The best deals on Amazon Outlet: extra savings of up to 60% off

Amazon's secret outlet store offers even more savings on overstock goods and clearance items

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When looking for the best deals on Amazon, many shoppers forget to check out the Amazon Outlet store. For those unfamiliar with Amazon Outlet, this nifty little deals section offers additional savings on popular products in tech, furniture, clothing, and just about every other major category Amazon covers.

Featuring deals that would make Amazon Prime Day seem like a standard affair, the Amazon Outlet can often include deals of up to 50% off or more top products. This includes deals on groceries, TVs, gaming accessories, watches, and much more. Even better, the Amazon Outlet is updated regularly with new deals and discounts to shop through.

It even includes extra savings on overstock items, with higher discounts on products that Amazon just can't seem to get rid of. This is not only a great way for shoppers to save more money, it is a great place to shop when it comes to reselling goods, too.

But just what kind of deals on Amazon Outlet can you find? We'll be digging through them weekly to bring forth the best deals around. Read on to find out what the Outlet has to offer! 

Best Deals on Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet FAQ

Does Amazon have an outlet store?

They do! However, Amazon doesn't do a great job of advertising it on their site. This is probably for a number of reasons, but the Amazon Outlet is a culmination of all of their best deals and offers in one place.

From open box offers to overstock deals and more, the Amazon Outlet is a great place to shop for even better deals on Amazon. They've kept it a secret for a good reason!

Is Amazon Outlet the same as Amazon Warehouse?

While the Amazon Outlet is very similar to Amazon Warehouse, the outlet store offers additional savings on overstock and clearance items. The Warehouse usually offers discounts on pre-owned or used items, open box items and other products that may have seen some wear and tear during handling through shipping and stocking.

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