Baltic go for gold with three revamped watches

The microbrand have redone three of their most popular watches in a stunning gold hue

The Baltic gold range on a black background
(Image credit: Baltic)

When it comes to the best watches on the market, you'll likely see a fairly hefty price tag. Indeed, if you're looking to get into some of the top picks, expect to need a five- or six-figure sum in your back pocket.

If you don't have that kind of cash down the back of the sofa, there are still solutions. In recent years, microbrands have surged in popularity offering similar scarcity and limited edition pieces at a much more palatable price point.

Baltic are one of my favourite microbrands. Having made a real name for themselves with their dive watch – the Aquascaphe – they've started to grow their collection with new models. That includes their field watch, the Baltic Hermetique, which launched recently.

Their latest launch doesn't add in new models, but it does give them a new lick of paint. It sees the popular Baltic MR01, Baltic Bicompax and Baltic HMS models coated in Gold PVD.

That's paired with a stunning black dial, and an Italian calf leather strap. The result is a trio of classy watches that look a little more elegant than their silver-toned counterparts.

For my money, that MR01 is the real ticket. It's been a watch that I've lusted after for a while, with the micro-rotor movement nodding to much more expensive timepieces. Being able to now get that in a gold case is perfect, and makes for an even more elevated feel.

It's not a collection you're going to have to fight to get your hands on, either. In response to questions on the brands' Instagram page, they confirmed that this was going to form part of the standard line up – no limited editions here!

You'll be set back €545 for the MR01, €565 for the Bicompax and €385 for the HMS. That's great value, and should be a top choice if you're looking to add something quirky to your collection.

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