B&W Mini Theatre series gets 2012 update

MT-50 and MT-60D systems offer high-end home cinema audio

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B&W Mini Theatre

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B&W Mini Theatre

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B&W Mini Theatre

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B&W Mini Theatre

The B&W Mini Theatre series has garnered a reputation for being a premium but subtle home cinema system and now it has updated the range

The B&W Mini Theatre Series has been updated this week with two systems the MT-50 and the MT-60D both comprising the M1 loudspeaker.

The affordable MT-50 system comprises the newly updated M1 loudspeaker with the ASW608 Subwoofer, which although unchanged technically is now available in matte white to match the M1's colour options.

Completely redesigned on the inside the M1 is intent on being the Swiss Army Knife of loudspeakers, inside comprises of both high-end and mid-range units now offering stereo sound.

The B&W MT-60D is the flagship of the range however marrying the M1 loudspeaker with B&W's newly created PV1D subwoofer.

Retaining the same shape as before the PV1D has been given a new OLED display and touch buttons to make it even easier to operate, its also been given a complete refit under the hood with newly updated drivers.

Both are premium products to say the least with the MT-50 coming in at £1,094 while the MT-60D is an even higher £1,945 making them both products strictly for audiophiles.