Epic Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus design smokes the iPhone 12

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus looks simply stunning, as new renders show off its massive 6.87" display

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus
(Image credit: TT Technology)

A few days ago, noted Samsung leakers Onleaks and Pigtou partnered up to show us the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, a digital render based on leaked CAD designs and all the information available to us so far. The phone looked simply stunning, with rumoured features including a redesigned S Pen and a massive 6.7" display making an appearance. 

Now, the same team have partnered up to deliver an early look at the Note 20 Plus, again using leaked CAD renders and all available information to hand. 

The leak the model is based on says the Note 20 Plus will boast a 6.87" display, making the enormous phablet the biggest Note device ever. The display, which is also set to pack the same AMOLED screen and 120Hz refresh rate seen in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, is set to be bright and vivid, making the most of more screen real estate to work with the iconic S Pen. 

Check out the video in full below:

The device is said to be 165mm long, 77.2mm wide and 7.6mm thick: longer and wider than the standard Note 20, but also thinner. Combined with the slender, almost nonexistent bezels, Samsung is coming very close to the coveted "100% glass tablet" look.

The phablet is also set to pack the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the 5G-powered chipset from Qualcomm which is also housed in the S20 series. The phone is said to not be featuring the enormous 100x "space zoom" feature which was one of the big selling points of the top-end Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it is rumoured to be carrying the same 108MP sensor.

The triple-lens camera array is very similar to the designs leaked by IceUniverse last week, which provides further legitimacy to previous leaks. We're starting to get a much better feel for what the Note 20 series is going to look like. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

(Image credit: Onleaks/Pigtou)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is rumoured to be unveiled in July. Despite the delays around the tech industry caused by the global health crisis (for example, the iPhone 12 reveal has been pushed back from Apple's usual September slot by at least a month)  all available information tells us Samsung will be proceeding on schedule with the reveal.

The device is also said to be debuting alongside the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the company's latest foldable. After the disastrous first launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold last year, Samsung took another stab in 2020 with the Galaxy Z Flip

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