Ariana Grande and 'Nothing' are Totally Rated this week

There's a new Fortnite concert coming, and some funky new earphones

Totally Rated
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On this week's Totally Rated word has reached us that Fortnite is about to do another one of those concerts where people gather together to hear an amazing artist perform "live" in-game. We've seen Marshmello do it, and Travis Scott has taken the virtual nation by storm. So it's no surprise that Ariana Grande is next in line to perform. Grande will appear this weekend, so be quick if you're logging in and don't forget to grab the skins. 

Also on the show this week, we take a look at Nothing's new Ear (1) earbuds. T3's own Yasmine Crossland explains why she thinks they're worth your consideration, even in the face of some epic hype. 

Part of the initial concern with these headphones was that they seemed very focused on influencers, and that had created some panic that they would be all show and no tell. In fact the reverse of that is true, with a really likeable pair of earbuds bringing active noise cancellation to an affordable price range. Check out the T3 review of the Nothing Ear (1) and find out why we rate them so highly. 

And, a pleasant change for us at T3 as we get to sit back and enjoy a movie. Our opinion this week lands on James Gunn's brand new Suicide Squad movie. This second installment of the 2016 DC movie comes with everything we love about Gunn's sense of humour. From the oddball heroes through to the solid joke-telling throughout. We loved it, and apparently audiences are having a blast with it too. 

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