Apple Watch Ultra is available with a massive discount - but there's a catch

Spending £15 could save you £150 on Apple's best and most expensive smartwatch

Golden Concept Racing Sport Ultra Apple Watch case
(Image credit: Golden Concept)

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple's best smartwatch – but at £849 it's also its most expensive one. If you've been hankering for an Ultra but can't quite justify the full price, you can get many models today for just £699. That's a saving of £150.

There's a catch, but it's a small one: you need to be a member of the wholesaler Costco UK. If you aren't, an online-only membership will set you back £15 annually.

Which Apple Watch Ultra models are discounted?

Quite a few. At the time of writing the £699.99 price (including VAT and delivery) is available on the Titanium with Yellow/Beige Trail Loop, with the Green Alpine Loop, with the Orange Alpine Loop, with the Ocean Band, with the Blue/Grey Trail Loop and with the Starlight Alpine Loop.

The low prices are all for the small and medium bands. Some models are the same price for the large bands, but others – such as the Orange Alpine Loop – are £814.99.

In addition to these discounts, the Titanium case with Black/Grey Trail Loop is also discounted, but not by much: it's £814.99.

These are limited-time deals and you're limited in quantity too: there's a maximum of three watches per customer.

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