Apple Music gets the Spotify Wrapped treatment with Replay

Users of Apple's music streaming service can now see their top listens for the year

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If you prefer to stream your music via the Apple Music platform, one thing you miss out on is Spotify Wrapped. Wrapped is one of Spotify's calling cards, collating data on your listening habits for the previous 12 months. It tells you who your top artists are, which songs you like the most, and even tells you what percentile you fall in for different artists – it's perfect for proving you are the ultimate Taylor Swift fan, rather than just believing it.

And it's like a religion. I have friends who are petrified of playing a song too much, for fear of what it might do to their Wrapped stats. It's the ultimate chance to flex, but it can all too easily be ruined when your second highest listen is "Give That Wolf A Banana" from the Norwegian Eurovision entry, and you have to pretend Spotify must have glitched out.

Traditionally, those who use Apple Music have been spared this trauma, but that's all about to change. Apple has today announced a redesigned version of Apple Music Replay, which offers much of the same functionality on their music streaming platform.

According to Apple, the redesign brings expanded listening insights and a "completely personalised highlight reel." Similar to Wrapped, users will be able to see their top songs, top albums, top artists, top genres, and more. Plus, you'll be able to see when you're in the top 100 listeners for a particular artist or genre.

Different to Spotify's offering, though, users will be able to check back in throughout the year, and get new insights each week. It's an interesting take on the formula, though I can't personally see that aspect catching on. One of the best bits about Wrapped is that it only happens once a year. It's an event, and something that everyone can enjoy at one time, together. Having access year-round will surely cause people to lose interest.

Regardless, it's a cool update to the app, and one that will allow Apple Music fans to join in on the fun of Wrapped. 

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