Apple iPad Pro 2021 will be as powerful as Apple M1 MacBook – here's why

Apple iPad Pro 2021 will harness the A14 chipset to devastating effect

Apple iPad Pro 2020
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We like to ponder the big philosophical questions here at T3: be that the wider impact of tech, or the profundities of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro (2021), and what new levels of performance it'll bring to the party.

According to a new report, the new Apple iPad Pro 2021 will surpass even the wildest of current predictions around its combined power and performance. Using the A14 chipset, it’s suggested that it'll deliver performance akin to the M1-line of Apple Mac devices, including the MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 and the MacBook Air M1 (2020).

The Apple iPad Pro (2020) is already king amongst our list of best tablets. Putting affordability to one side, it’s a true powerhouse of a machine, easily the best iPad, and unrivaled by the current market crop.

Mark Gurman, often accurate with Apple leaks, suggests that the Apple iPad Pro 2021 will be “nearly as good as the in-house M1 Silicon” (via PhoneArena). Besides the devastating boost in performance that this would afford, Gurman claims it will feature a mini-LED display, slightly increasing the overall thickness of the slate. 

It likely means that it’ll be noticeably bigger than the current Apple iPad Air (2020), which is slightly thicker than the existing Apple iPad Pro (2020) model. However, this will not be detrimental to the portability of the device, according to the report.

Given how much performance Apple packs into its 2020 iteration, it presents many possibilities for the Apple iPad Pro (2021). It’s expected to use the Apple A14 chipset, which powers the Apple iPhone 12 series. The chipset, made through the 5nm process, is predicted to be even more powerful than the A12Z that fuels the current Apple iPad Pro (2020). 

You can, of course, keep things on the cheaper side with the much less powerful, but no less worthy, Apple iPad 10.2 (2020), or check-out the feature-packed Microsoft Surface Pro 7. These are both capable tablets that offer most of what is needed for the average user. 

It would be rash to get too far ahead before confirmation of these details; however, a possible Apple iPad Pro 2021, which packs the same punch as the meaty M1-processors in slate form could be a true game-changer, outclassing any competition and ushering in a new dawn of tablet performance. 

Perhaps even completely removing the line between Apple's iPad and MacBook devices before the Cupertino-giant brings out a new round of faster M1-powered MacBooks, which in itself doesn't look too far away with a new 14-inch M1-MacBook rumored.  

Source: GizmoChina

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