Forget Samsung Galaxy S21, Apple iPhone oozes style with MagSafe iPhone charger

New Apple patent shows potential Lightning Port replacement for Apple iPhone handsets

(Image credit: MacRumors)

It’s another day, and it’s another Apple patent that has surfaced on the web: it shows a conceptual design that would see Apple ditch the Lightning Port on its iPhone models in favor of its detachable MagSafe technology.

Labeled with the clunky sounding, Magnetic surface contacts, it shows several possibilities for the magnetic tech: one that boasts the T-shaped, three-pinned MagSafe charger, as seen in older models of Apple’s MacBook range, but with more rounded pins.

With a new Apple iPhone SE on the way and immeasurable noise building around the Apple iPhone 13, it's a mystery as to how Apple finds time to innovate new technologies, no less with the reported release date of a possible foldable iPhone model that would break new ground for the brand. 

MagSafe Concept

(Image credit: Apple Patent)

The patent doesn’t specify or mention the iPhone by its name; however, the included design images display the familiar bottom shape of the iPhone, akin to the Apple iPhone 12’s rear, but with a MagSafe charger concept in place of the Lightning Port.

MagSafe, of course, is the much-loved, disaster-averting design that sees your device unclip from the charger should you catch it walking by, accidentally pull it, or any other sudden burst of motion that is likely to send your Apple device flying into the abyss. 

Apple reintroduced a rebooted MagSafe with the Apple iPhone 12, including the iPhone 12 mini, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, using a large circular magnet on the back of the device, marketed as a place to charge your device and connect MagSafe accessories.

Whilst Apple is tipped to never use a USB-C connector with the iPhone, this patent adds fuel to the Cupertino-giant's wider plans to use the current circular MagSafe setup as a place to connect external accessories, and use a MagSafe connection at the bottom of the iPhone to charge the device. If it all seems much ado about nothing, then check out T3's pick of the best iPhone for the cream of the current generation of Apple's handsets. 

These mobile patents come against the backdrop of other interesting Apple news, notably the possible reintroduction of MagSafe technology to the upcoming M1-powered Apple MacBook 14-inch, which is reported to feature smaller bezels to achieve a bigger screen, and the launch of the Apple MacBook 16-inch – both tipped to launch later this year. 

It'd be great to see a wave of MagSafe-powered devices newly gracing our prestigious best phones list, but it could be a while before we receive any solid information beyond patent images. Stay tuned. 

Source: MacRumors

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