Android phones are taking a page out of the iPhone playbook

It could make a massive difference to users of Android devices

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It's fair to say that most people will either lean towards Android phones or iPhones. For some, that's an almost tribal affiliation – a bond that cannot be broken. Others simply prefer one feature or another from their preferred brand.

Now, Google is taking some steps to make the Android experience a little more like the one you'd find on Apple devices. That's according to Mishaal Rahman, a respected tech insider with a good track record for leaks about Android devices.

The feature, as Rahman outlines, is designed to offer a similar level of interconnectivity between devices as users of the Apple ecosystem can enjoy. The first update will bring things like call sharing and internet sharing between devices.

It's not the first feature they've borrowed, either. Nearby Share is the Android version of Apple's popular AirDrop function. That allows users to share files between devices wirelessly. The feature recently arrived on Windows devices, too, so Android users can share between their phone and their laptop seamlessly.

We've also heard rumours about a variant of Apple's Continuity Camera joining the fray. That feature allows users to mount their iPhone and use it as a webcam for their MacBook or Apple TV. Users can then enjoy the better image quality of the rear cameras, when on video calls.

There's no confirmation of that functionality in Rahman's update, but it would be a cool addition. Just imagine using the 200MP camera on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for your next Zoom meeting.

Overall, though, I think it's a big win for users of an Android ecosystem. I've long been an Apple fan, and that's mainly down to how well everything connects. If you have multiple devices, everything operates so seamlessly, giving users the chance to work in a smoother manner.

If Android devices could step up to the plate on that front, I think a lot more people could be swayed. Sure, it sounds like they're starting with baby steps – while these features are cool, there's still a long way to go before it's on the same level as Apple. But it's a baby step in the right direction. If they stick with this, it has the potential to revitalise the Android market.

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