An iPhone 8 appears in McDonald’s promotion

Has the food chain given away something or just got on a designer’s nerves?

A new promotion has gone out over email in Australia promoting McDonald’s with what appears to be an iPhone 8 render.

In fact the image is certainly a render, one that Benjamin Geskin claims is his work. That’s contested on his tweet that showed off this image with others claiming it was in fact their render.

What’s clear is that while this might look like the iPhone 8 we expect to see, it’s nothing official. In fact it seems that McDonald’s has got access to someone’s mock-up and used it in this promotion - probably to get new coverage just like this. Of course there is the chance that the renders so far got lucky and this is bang on what we can expect.

Rumours have strongly pointed towards a new screen that runs the front of the phone with minimal bezel. The only break appears to be for the speaker, sensors and front facing dual cameras. While this seems likely necessary for the iPhone 8 to function it does look a little bit too ugly for something that Apple would release. Here’s hoping Apple has managed to hide all that behind the screen somehow.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 8 with an OLED screen and dual cameras around September time.

Luke Edwards

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