Amazon's Fire Phone flops at under 35,000 sales

New data suggests reckons the Bezos blower has been shunned

Looks like the Fire Phone has gone up in flames...

Amazon's flagship smartphone landed on store shelves back in July, but it seems sales have dwindled since day one.

New data, as compiled by The Guardian, reckons the shopaholic-focused cellular has sold somewhere south of 35,000 units

Bezos' blower launched with commodity recognition software that would allow users to make purchases of real life objects via built-in Amazon functionality.

Stats from ad firm Chikita revealed how much of its advertisement network traffic came from Amazon Fire Phones, revealing roughly 0.015% of activity was courtesy of the crash-and-burn smartphone.

The Guardian article then revealed that there are between 175m and 177m smartphones in use in the USA, which suggests we're looking at about 26,000 handsets total.

This figure was then adjusted for 'under-indexing', i.e. when people might be using their phones for purposes other than just browsing the (ad-filled) web, bringing the sum up to about 33,000.

"Therefore even allowing for margins of error, it seems unlikely - based on Chikita's data and the ComScore data - that there were more than about 35,000 Fire Phones in use after those 20 days," says Charles Arthur, Guardian technology editor.

The low sum signals a real retail flop for Amazon's flagship smartphone, but why all the hate? T3 turns (perhaps unwisely) to Reddit to gauge general public opinion in the wake of these figures...

Reddit reckons...

"Nobody wants a phone designed almost exclusively to get you to buy more shit off Amazon. Shelve this phone, release a proper Amazon Prime Video app for Android and let's stop this silly charade, Jeff Bezos." - DukeDanger

"I'm surprised they even sold that much. Probably youtube reviewers doing drop tests." - SgtFluffyButt

"Killer features (as in killed any chance of buying this phone), no google ecosystem, exlusive for AT&T, 720p screen from 2 years ago." - txtUserName

"This was a colossaly stupid idea, up there with Pepsi Clear and Star Wars Ep 1-3." - CivEZ

Via The Guardian