Amazon Smart Thermostat is a new Alexa-compatible control for your heating and aircon

Amazon Smart Thermostat will launch at $59.99

Amazon Smart Thermostat
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Amazon has just unveiled a new smart thermostat designed to help homeowners to live more sustainably through the use of AI. Known as the Amazon Smart Thermostat, the new Energy Star-certified device works with Alexa to adapt its temperature gauge. 

Alexa can either be programmed by users or can operate by itself via "hunches" where it can adjust to its surroundings. An example shown was saying "good night" to Alexa, which then would make the thermostat drop in temperature to save energy. As part of this, Amazon has partnered with Honeywell Home thermostat maker Resideo, allowing it to work with most HVAC systems in the US. 

The product was first shown off during Amazon's annual fall hardware presentation (an invite-only digital event that T3 attended). It's a cool looking device and going the energy-efficient route is definitely appealing and will look to carve out a section of the market. For anyone that already has an Alexa device in their house, it does seem like a good companion. We will have to see how it is in practice.  

"We believe that to create a sustainable future, our vision must be broader than individual features or devices. Our aim is to create experiences that use AI to help customers live more sustainably without even having to think about it," Amazon senior vice president of devices and services Dave Limp told viewers.

The device is part of Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly program and goal to cut carbon intensity emissions per Amazon device unit in half by 2025. The Amazon Smart Thermostat will be available for $59.99 / £45.99 approx. / $AU82.99 approx. At the time of writing, no launch date has been revealed and neither has whether it will arrive outside of the US, though we'll likely hear more very soon. 

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