Amazon Prime Day Furbo Dog Camera deal: Save £60 on this amazing, treat-tossing, high-resolution dog camera

Perfect for pet owners returning to work, your dog need never feel alone again

Furbo Prime Day Deal
(Image credit: Amazon)

Heading back to work after lock down and worried your canine companion will miss you? The Furbo Dog Camera has what it takes to make both lonely dogs and anxious owners that little bit happier. And the Amazon Prime Day deals have you covered as this deal means invaluable peace of mind for pet owners is much more affordable.

There are plenty of pet cameras around, but the Furbo stands apart as being one of the few dog-centric models available. At first glance it’s fairly simple, an aesthetically unassuming exterior hides a microphone, camera and treat dispenser. But it’s the quality of components combined with some neat functionality that make the Furbo much more than the sum of its parts, and great value at this knockdown price.

The camera is 1080p with a 160-degree lens, meaning you’ll get a wide view of whichever room you put it in, it also features infrared LEDs to offer night-vision, handy for pet owners who like to go out on the town. 

The treat dispenser works with 1cm dog treats, firing them across the room in random directions to keep the dog on his or her toes. Each launch is preceded by a mechanical click which is handy for those using clicker training.

Next comes the clever stuff. Furbo uses the microphone to keep a close ear on your dog, listening for barking, crying and other signs of distress, and gives you a nudge to let you know you’re needed. Owners can then offer some reassuring words remotely through the speaker. There’s even more on offer with a subscription to the Dog Nanny service (£6.99/$6.99 per month) including being able to set a level of barking, cryin/howling detection, security functions and even a selfie-detector.

Furbo Dog Camera | Was: £189.00 | Now:	£129.00 |Save: £60.00 (32%)

Furbo Dog Camera | Was: £189.00 | Now: £129.00 |Save: £60.00 (32%)
Furbo is a great quality dog camera that offers some truly useful features for those owners who have to leave their dogs home alone. The only downside is that it’s among the more expensive models, making this Amazon Prime Day deal all the more unmissable.

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