Amazon Prime Day wi-fi deal: Grab Eero's mesh Wi-Fi router for just £60

Amazon has dropped the price of its Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers by 40% for Amazon Prime Day sales

Eero WiFi Amazon Prime Day deals 2020
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Having good Wi-Fi is more important than ever, but many routers are still stuck in the past. Not Amazon's Eero, though, which offers a Wi-Fi mesh system that gives you great coverage all over the house. And there's a 40% discount as part of today's best Prime Day deals.

The basic premise behind Eero's "mesh" system is simple: each router is really powerful in its own right, but you can link them together to help reach the far-away bits of your house or office. You can buy them in packs of one (enough for a smaller flat or house) or three. A single unit covers up to 140 sq.m while three covers up to 460 sq.m. 

Besides that, everything else is basically the same: the router offers connectivity for all devices – naturally – and can be setup in minutes through the handy mobile app for iOS and Android. From there, every conceivable setting can be tweaked.

Eero uses a USB C power cord and plugs into two Gigabit ports on the back. It feels like there should be more to it than that, but it's truly that simple. The quickest and easiest way to sort out persistent WiFi issues by far.

Amazon Eero Router | £99 £59.40 from Amazon

Amazon Eero Router | £99 £59.40 from Amazon
If you have bad WiFi and nothing seems to solve the problem, it's well worth getting an Eero extender: fast WiFi anywhere through your flat or house, and you can grab bundles of three if there are any really hard-to-reach places.

So, as a second lockdown looms and we're once again confined to our sofas and makeshift home offices, having fast and reliable WiFi is a must, made simpler by Amazon's Eero mesh router.

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