Amazon Prime Day: 5 sub-£30 camping accessory deals that'll make life under canvas loads better

Stock up on camping mats, stoves, head torches and more for a whole lot less

Camping deals
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So it's Amazon Prime Day. The deals making the headlines are the big, investment items (you'll find plenty of them in our roundup of the best Prime Day deals). But there are also major savings to be had on the little things... it just takes a bit longer to hunt them out. Because I run the Outdoors channel, I've been focusing on camping accessories. There are a whole bunch of decent discounts on things like stoves, tables and clothings that'll make your camping trip that much more comfortable. 

Current travel restrictions mean more people than ever are discovering the joys of a good UK-based camping trip. Whether you're new to life under canvas and need to kit your camp out, or a seasoned outdoorser whose kit could do with an upgrade, there are lots of deals for you available to buy today. I've also hunted out some excellent tent deals (surprisingly good this year), but this post is dedicated to the little things you should pop in your basket alongside whatever big, treat-yourself purchase you're making today.

Remember, because these are Prime Day offers, you do need to be Prime member to claim. However, you can just sign up for the free trial and cancel at the end if it turns out not to be for you.

Coleman LED lantern|  was £49.99, now £22.59 at Amazon (save £27)

Coleman LED lantern| was £49.99, now £22.59 at Amazon (save £27)
A good lantern is a must for any camping trip. We have a few Coleman entries in our best camping lantern guide, and this one is a great all-round option. It'll pump out up to 800 lumens of light (we'd consider anything above 100 lumens or so fine, so this is plenty bright enough!), it's battery powered (useful if you're going somewhere without easy access electricity) splashproof (IPX4), and includes a function to stop residual battery drain when off.

OMERIL LED head torch|  was £25.99, now £7.65 at Amazon (save £18)

OMERIL LED head torch| was £25.99, now £7.65 at Amazon (save £18)
A head torch seems like an unnecessary bit of kit for camping until you actually take one on a camping trip and realise how incredibly useful one is – for hands-free illumination for cooking, reading, and heading to the toilet at night, and that's just for starters. You can pick very basic ones up cheaply, but this is a pricier model that has a whopping 71% off for Prime Day. It pumps out up to 200 lumens of light, which is more than enough for almost all situations.

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  • Don't need to be hands free? Check out our best torch guide instead
TOMSHOO camping stove|  was £27.99, now £15.76 at Amazon (save £12)

TOMSHOO camping stove| was £27.99, now £15.76 at Amazon (save £12)
This camping stove doesn't use gas, but instead can be run off twigs, leaves, and wood (or if those aren't forthcoming, there's a tray to hold solid alcohol fuel). Use it to whip up a hot meal whenever you need. The design is sturdy even in high winds, and is built to be fuel-efficient. Find more options in our best camping stove roundup.

Deeplee inflatable camping mat|  was £35, now £21.59 at Amazon (save £14)

Deeplee inflatable camping mat| was £35, now £21.59 at Amazon (save £14)
This air mat packs down to not much bigger than a 500ml water bottle (and about the same weight too), but inflates to a comfy bed whenever you need it. Unlike many mats of this find, you've got an integrated U-shaped pillow section for a little extra comfort. The dual valve design makes inflation and deflation easy, and it's made from durable, easy to clean fabric. Sold out? There's also 47% off this UOUNE inflatable sleeping mat

Buff| Now from £10.49 | Up to 39% off at Amazon UK

Buff| Now from £10.49 | Up to 39% off at Amazon UK
They're a staple of the outdoorsperson's wardrobe, and with good reason. This unexciting looking tube of fabric can be used in a myriad of ways, whether as a scarf to keep your neck warm, a hairband, or a hat to keep the sun off your head. They're available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and all have 4-way stretch, are machine washable at 40-degrees, and offer UPF50+ sun protection. 

Bonus deal...

It's not under £30. It's actually slightly more than twice that. But come on, how cool is this Party Grill stove? 

Campingaz Party Grill stove 400 R | Now £66.99 | Was £129.99 | Save £63 at Amazon UK

Campingaz Party Grill stove 400 R | Now £66.99 | Was £129.99 | Save £63 at Amazon UK
I'm slightly obsessed with this 'party' stove, which has multiple tops you can swap out to boil, grill, griddle, BBQ or sear your food. It all packs down into a neat bag, and the lid even doubles as a wok! Ideal for sociable summer feasting. Works with Campingaz CV gas cartridges. Read our Party Grill 400 stove review for more. 

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