Amazon Luna cloud gaming now available to all US users

No special invites required and free games for Prime members in Amazon's extensive gaming arcade

Amazon Luna
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Amazon's cloud gaming platform Luna has been available as an early-access, invite-only service for some time. Today though, Amazon has opened the service up to all members at a slightly higher fee. 

Right now you can try out most of the games on a 7-day free trial with monthly subscriptions then kicking in from $4.99 depending on the channel. Amazon Prime members also get free access to a limited number of games and anyone who signs up before April 1 can still take advantage of the lower prices. 

There are five main channels on the service, including Retro Channel, Jackbox Games, Family Channel, Luna+ and Ubisoft+, each with its own subscription charges. This feels slightly strange as Luna also groups games into genres (such as action and racing) which can contain titles from different subscription packs. 

Amazon Luna

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Luna+, which costs $5.99 a month (going up to $9.99 after 4/1) includes most of the premium titles, such as Sonic Mania, Resident Evil Biohazard and Dirt Rally 2.0. The collection currently includes 115 titles and is likely to continue to expand.

The Family Channel is as the name suggests, aimed at family-friendly fun with a selection of games suitable for a younger audience. Currently, this subscription is just $2.99, going up to $5.99 on 4/1, and includes 44 titles.

The Retro Channel brings together those arcade classics, including Missile Command, Super Breakout, Commando and Street Fighter II. For a monthly fee of $4.99 after the free trial, you get access to 46 games.

Jackbox Games is aimed at group participation, like modern-day party games. There are 41 games in all for the $4.99 subscription fee, each divided into party packs of games for an evening's entertainment.

The Ubisoft+ channel requires a Ubisoft account and a separate subscription of $17.99 a month and doesn't come with a free trial. In return for this higher price, you gain access to some of Ubisoft's biggest titles, like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Watchdogs 2. There are currently 38 games available on Luna and over 100 PC versions through the Ubisoft connect app for your money.

The free games available to Prime subscribers are currently limited to just four titles but these will rotate each month. Right now you can play the family-friend Phogs, Capcom action series Devil May Cry 5, 90s platform game Flashback and the vivid space detective title Observer System Redux. Immortals Fenyx Rising is also available for free between March 8 and March 14.

Luna also integrates Twitch support to easily broadcast your game playing to an audience, complete with camera and microphone overlay. To play the games you can use your keyboard, mouse or a controller, such as the dedicated Luna controller available from Amazon. Fire TV users can also control the games via a smartphone app.

Luna is currently only available in the US, with no dates given for global access. However, now the service has finally gone fully live, it might not be long.

Amazon Luna

(Image credit: Amazon)
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