Amazon Fire TV 55in at lowest price ever – it's the Prime Day deal I'd recommend

A 55-inch QLED TV for just £449? That's 40% off list and the lowest price Amazon's new Omni Fire TV has ever seen

Amazon Fire TV Omni deal
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An exciting part of the Amazon Prime Day sales is waiting for that major bargain to drop. Like the good ol' days when people would queue up and run around actual stores looking for the best TV deals. Today, however, you needn't leave your house nor look any further: for this, ladies and gents, is the star Amazon Prime Day TV deal that I'd recommend. 

Amazon's own Fire TV range spans a broad spectrum of price points, with this Omni model at the top of the stack. It's got a QLED panel, just like you'll find in the best Samsung TVs, and with a 55-inch diagonal it's the best TV match-up for most people's living rooms. Not too big, not too small – but certainly well priced, thanks to 40% off the list price. 

55-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni: was £749now £449.99 at
Save 40% –

55-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni: was £749, now £449.99 at
Save 40% –
My star pick of the Amazon Prime Day sales, this Amazon Fire TV has £300 off its usual price. It's laden with features, too, offering 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) pictures, a built-in easy-to-use smart interface with access to all your favourites, and Alexa voice control too.

It was back in October 2022 that Amazon launched its Omni series tellies (which you could then only buy in the USA) and we were impressed. The Omni model features a Quantum Dot display with multi-zone local dimming for far better image quality than the lower-down-the-pecking-order Fire TV 2-Series and 4-Series models. The UK only obtained the products in March 2023, so this is a brand new piece of kit, ensuring all the latest features are on board.

That means there's even an HDMI 2.1 port for high-quality gaming, which also acts as eARC so you can pair with one the best soundbars for ideal audio return that's neatly in sync. That's a lot of features for not a lot of money, really highlighting this Fire TV Omni deal as a total steal for this Amazon Prime Day. It's the TV I'd buy if I was currently looking for a new 55-inch set.

It's well worth checking out T3's other Prime Day deals, too, as in addition to TV star-buys such as this one, there are plenty of other offers on phones, laptops, home tech, and all manner of other products. You'll need to shop fast, though, as Prime Day is over by the end of 12 July, assuming stocks last that long anyway. 

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