Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wifi: which mesh network is right for you?

We compare Amazon's Eero and Google's Nest Wifi mesh network systems

Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wifi
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Take one look at T3's best mesh network guide and you'll see plenty of products from two brands, Amazon Eero and Google Nest.

Eero and Nest mesh WiFi systems are there because, quite simply, they offer quality networking at affordable price points, making them easy recommendations to many people looking to grab faster, more stable WiFi in their homes.

Unlike standard WiFi setups, which revolve around having one well-placed router, mesh networks spread the load. You still have one central router, but it's paired with a series of others that spread the internet signal much more evenly across your house, avoiding faraway bedrooms with poor connectivity. 

Many current mesh networks work seamlessly with your existing WiFi, so no need to make any big and dramatic changes. The only difference will be the stronger, more reliable WiFi around your house and office. 

It's no secret that Eero, owned by Amazon, is the leader in the mesh network market, consistently making both the cheapest and best devices going. But Google's Nest Wifi is well worth a look in 2022 as well. Let's jump into the comparison. 

Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wifi

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Amazon Eero vs. Google Nest Wifi: Features

After basically inventing the mesh network, Eero hasn't been resting on its laurels, especially under Amazon. And with good reason: Google and others have developed some genuinely great mesh network setups. The latest version of the Google Nest Wifi covers a wider area, has a really attractive design, and doesn't cost much.

While the Eero network isn't the fastest or the cheapest – although it comes close on both – it offers a compelling blend of the two from a company you can trust. A single Eero covers up to 140 sq.m and three devices cover up to 460 sq.m. 

Setting up the Eero is super simple from the iOS and Android apps, taking minutes, and maintaining and troubleshooting problems is easy from the very same apps.

On Google's end, the Nest Wifi covers up to 120 sq.m as a single unit and up to 300 sq.m with the main router and two extenders, known as points. The app is obviously great and each unit comes equipped with Google Assistant and a speaker for music playback, calls, finding answers via Google, and so on. 

Both the Eero and Nest Wifi are similarly well equipped, with easy-to-use apps for setup and maintenance, great coverage, and attractive designs. 

Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wifi

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Amazon Eero vs. Google Nest Wifi: Design and use

While both the Eero and Nest Wifi perform roughly the same functions, they have quite different designs. 

Eero has gone for a really minimal, attractive design that blends seamlessly into the background of any room. While we would like some additional colour options, the default white is nice enough and won't clash with anything else. Plus, you can always hide the Eero behind something as it's very small.

On the other hand, Google has gone for a more prominent design that closely resembles smart speakers – which makes sense given you can use the Nest Wifi and its additional points as speakers, with Google Assistant built in. 

Overall, the Eero is noticeably smaller than the Nest Wifi and so if that matters to you, you have a winner. If you have a little more space to play with, the larger Nest Wifi isn't unattractive and the built-in speakers are sometimes useful, although not if you really care about sound quality. 

Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wifi

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Amazon Eero vs. Google Nest Wifi: Which is best?

Both the Eero and Nest Wifi are fantastic mesh networks that will comfortably extend your WiFi range and speed, even through brick walls, especially compared to default single-router setups. 

Of the two, we think the Eero offers a slightly more rounded package: small, well-designed units that fit comfortably no matter your decor, plus excellent range, speeds, setup, and support. You can usually find Amazon offering some generous discounts, too. 

But that doesn't mean the Nest Wifi is bad. Quite the opposite: if you're already locked into Google's ecosystem, having Assistant support is a great touch and perhaps enough to persuade you. Having the devices as smart speakers is neat, too, especially if you have other smart home appliances. 

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