Amazon Echo Dot and two months Amazon Music Unlimited is just £21!

Go back to school, college, or university in style with this unmissable Echo Dot + Amazon Music offer

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker
(Image credit: Amazon)

We're now well and truly in the final back to school (or college or university) straight and there's nothing like a few new gadgets to get you truly in the mood. One fantastic deal we spotted: Amazon is offering an Echo Dot with two months Music Unlimited for just £20.97 right now, a saving of around £45.

But why would you want this? The answer is pretty simple: the Echo Dot is the gateway to Alexa, the smart assistant from Amazon that can basically do whatever you want her to do, and Music Unlimited has a huge library of tunes, easily playable from your laptop, smartphone, Echo, and so on. It's a great bundle. 

The Echo Dot itself is a really neat little device, with a small puck-like design that will seamlessly blend into whatever room it finds itself in, especially if you choose from the three available colours wisely. 

On the Alexa front, there are now countless tasks that can be carried out, from playing your favourite music (via Music Unlimited or any other third-party service) and radio to setting reminders, calling friends, controlling other smart home devices, and a bunch more through third-party "skills". 

Amazon Echo Dot + 2 months Music Unlimited | Alexa | £65.97 £20.97 from Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot + 2 months Music Unlimited | Alexa | £65.97 £20.97 from Amazon
This is one of the best deals we've seen for a while: save £45 and get an Echo Dot plus two months of Amazon's music streaming service. If that doesn't scream bargain then we don't know what will.

So why not make furnishing your new (or even existing) flat, house, bedroom, whatever a little more 'smart' with this fantastic deal on the Echo Dot from Amazon.

Max Slater-Robins

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