All these Nintendo Switch controllers are under £20 in Amazon's Black Friday sale

Grab a great Nintendo Switch controller for less now

Nintendo Switch controllers in various colorways
(Image credit: Chereeki, PowerA, Yccteam, Nintendo)

If you're looking for extra controllers for your Nintendo Switch console then you may want to scope out Amazon's Black Friday sale.

That's because Amazon currently has a load of discounts on Nintendo Switch controllers that take their prices under £20.

View all Nintendo Switch controllers under £20 at Amazon

The controllers on offer, too, include both wired and wireless models, as well as a load of cool designs. There are even multiple controllers featuring every gamer's favorite electric mouse Pikachu!

To view all these under £20 Nintendo Switch controllers, which are among the best Black Friday deals we've seen this year, follow the link above, or for a curated selection from T3's expert deal hunters then read on.

PowerA Mario Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch: £24.99

PowerA Mario Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch: £24.99, now £11.99 at Amazon
This wired controller is now barely over a tenner thanks to a better than half-price 52% price cut. It features every gamer's favorite portly Italian plumber, too, as it is officially licensed.

Chereeki Wireless Nintendo Switch controller: £19.99

Chereeki Wireless Nintendo Switch controller: £19.99, now £12.79 at Amazon
A wireless Nintendo Switch controller for just £12.79 is crazy value in our eyes here at T3, especially when it offers full 6-axis gyro, turbo and dual vibration functionality, too. A green colorway is also available for £13.59.

: £24.99

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch: £24.99, now £14.99 at Amazon
This wired Switch controller just has a dynamite design featuring everyone's favorite electric mouse, Pikachu. This controller also features two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons. PowerA has a range of bright and colorful other designs discounted, too.

: £19.99

Yccteam Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller: £19.99, now £15.99 at Amazon
This is the number one best-selling Nintendo Switch controller on Amazon, and it's easy to see why with it delivering a stylish neon blue and red design and wireless  Bluetooth connectivity.

Daugee Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro controller: £21.99

Daugee Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro controller: £21.99, now £17.59 at Amazon
Another top seller, this wireless Nintendo Switch Pro controller delivers a 6-axis gyro, 3 levels of turbo, and a built-in 6700mAh battery capable of up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

PowerA Wired GameCube Style Nintendo Switch Controller: £21.16

PowerA Wired GameCube Style Nintendo Switch Controller: £21.16, now £16.79 at Amazon
For those gamers who can remember the awesomeness of the Nintendo GameCube and its dynamite controller, then this wired replica for Nintendo Switch will be just the ticket.

Terios Nintendo Switch Contoller: £19.99

Terios Nintendo Switch Contoller: £19.99, now £15.99 at Amazon
A futuristic-looking wireless Nintendo Switch controller that offers a 6-axis gyro, 4 levels of vibration feedback, and 3 levels of turbo speed. A lovely pink colourway is also discounted.

: £16.99

Ralan Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: £16.99, now £13.59 at Amazon
Another amazing value wireless Nintendo Switch controller deal. This Ralan unit features a bright paint splatter design that evokes Splatoon, and comes with 4 unique thumb caps, as well as dual vibration and turbo features.

Bonacell Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch: £21.99

Bonacell Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch: £21.99, now £15.99 at Amazon
If you want a more Xbox-style controller for Nintendo Switch then this wireless Bonacell pad fits the bill perfectly. It also comes with all the features Switch owners want, including vibration feedback and a 6-axis gyro.

As we make clear in our Nintendo Switch review, as well as our Nintendo Switch Lite review and our Nintendo Switch OLED review, the Big N's family of consoles shine today not because of their awesome graphical power, but because of their immense library of super fun games, which are a blast to play with other gamers.

This is why we think each Switch gamer should have multiple controllers in their home, as that way you're always ready to have multiplayer fun with friends and family. These controller deals make bagging extra gamepads easier than ever.

Still looking for a Nintendo Switch OLED? Well, to see today's best prices on the console check out the deal chart below.

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