All new Amazon Echo Pop brings Alexa to a stylish new format

Alexa gets a stylish makeover with this new semi-spherical form factor

Amazon Echo Pop
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has just unveiled a range of new smart speakers in the Amazon Echo line, including the Amazon Echo Auto for drivers and the new Amazon Echo Show 5. Chief among them, though, is the all-new Amazon Echo Pop, which sees the range take on a stylish new look, with a semi-spherical design that looks sleek and modern.

The Echo Pop comes in four colours – Lavender Bloom, Midnight Teal, Charcoal, and Glacier White, or Purple, Green, Black and White, to you and I. There are also a range of Echo Pop sleeves which can add an extra pop of colour – the glow-in-the-dark option sounds especially interesting, and could see it double as a makeshift nightlight. 

The flat front face is mesh-covered, hiding the speaker beneath it. It stands at a slight angle – presumably the angling offers a better throw for the sound, and should help it to sound punchy, despite its diminutive form factor. Across the top of the device is Alexa's signature blue lighting, which signifies when the device is live and listening to your commands.

Amazon say the Pop is perfect for smaller spaces, like bedrooms, or flats where table-top real estate is at a premium. I think it will also strike a chord with fashion-loving users, who will appreciate the slightly retro design.

It supports Matter connectivity, too, making it perfect for smart home lovers who want to integrate into their existing ecosystem. Inside, the Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor powers machine learning. That chip is over 22 times faster than its predecessor, and should make it more efficient with data it pulls from the cloud.

There's also a Low Power Mode on the device. This conserves energy during periods of inactivity, making it easier on your energy bill.

Personally, I really like the Echo Pop. It's quirky looking, without being so weird that it will feel out of place. The range of colours is sensible, with a couple of safe choices and a couple of reserved, funkier options to inject a splash of colour into your space. 

The device costs £44.99 and is available to pre-order right now, with shipping set to start later this month. 

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