AirPods Pro gain new features with iOS 15 updates

The new software updates announced at WWDC for the iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac also have benefits for the AirPods Pro

Apple iOS 15
(Image credit: Apple)

The WWDC keynote revealed details of what to expect from iOS 15 for the iPhone, as well as iPadOS 15, Watch OS 8 and Mac OS Monterey, but it also revealed some impressive new features coming to the AirPods Pro.

The new conversation boost feature is designed for those who are hard of hearing. It can cut ambient noise and boost voices to allow users to better understand someone talking to them.

Siri can also now announce notifications to you through your AirPods, as well as reading out your shopping list or letting you know that your Ring Doorbell is ringing.

The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max become easier to find with iOS 15 too. With improved integration into the Find My app, they will use Apple’s full network of devices in the same way as the AirTag to locate them when they are out of range and turned off. They can emit a beep and be located on a map.

At closer range, you can use the proximity view to find your AirPods Pro/Max and set up a warning alarm when they reach a distance away, to avoid you leaving them behind.

Spatial audio is coming to TV OS and Mac OS (for M1 Macs) with the updates too, so you can enjoy full spatial sound when watching video and audio on these devices with the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

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