AirDrop rival for Android phones is about to get a sweet free upgrade

The file sharing feature could be even easier to use

Android Nearby Share
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Sharing files between Android phones and laptops is about to get a whole lot easier.

Reports suggest a change in the next Chrome OS code will make it easier to run as a default setting.

The modern tech industry is quite often split between two major systems. Users will generally fall on one side or the other, with integrated functionality between devices offering an incentive to pledge your allegiance.

For example, if you buy a phone, it's either going to be an iPhone or an Android phone. If you want a laptop, you'll likely either snag a Windows machine, or a MacBook.

If you fall on the non-Apple side of that equation, you'll miss out on key features like AirDrop. That's a seamless file sharing platform, and is one of the key reasons why users love their Apple branded setups.

Similar functionality has made its way onto other devices, though – and it's about to get even easier to use. The Quick Share file sharing system started out as a Samsung technology, and integrated with Android's Nearby Share earlier this year to become the default option for their devices.

However, that doesn't mean everyone is using it. The feature exists on Chromebooks, but it isn't turned on by default. That means you'll only start sharing files from your other compatible devices if you're aware of it and have turned it on.

That may change soon, though, as Google appears to be contemplating making it a default feature. The good folks over at Android Authority spotted a new piece of code in the Chrome OS software, which is called "Quick Share V2".

That offers a few different changes. First, it now defaults to sharing with your devices, removing the option for "selected contacts". More notably, though, it removes the on/off toggle for the Quick Share system.

That should ensure that it is always on for users, making it easier than ever for users to share files between their compatible phones and laptops. There's no word on exactly when to expect the feature. However, the report suggests it could be soon, with work on other features in the update happening over the last few months.

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