Explore the past, present and future of AI in T3's AI Week

Exploring the fascinating possibilities of artificial intelligence

It’s an exciting week on T3.com. Not only is CES going to be in full swing, where we’ll be bringing you the hottest news from the show, but over a series of themed articles, we’re also going to be looking at how artificial intelligence is developing to make our lives easier and more fun.

We’re starting to see AI chips appear in phones and, of course, AI is popping up in our homes in the form of Google Home and Amazon Echo. But this really is just the beginning. 

AI is set to infuse every aspect of our lives, changing the way we work and the way we enjoy our leisure time. It will help us to get fitter and healthier, it will help us plan our work schedules, and it will help us get around faster — whether that’s by smartly suggesting new routes, times to travel or modes of transport to use.

We’ll be covering all of these topics and more, and linking to them all from this page, so keep checking back throughout the week to discover what AI tech can do for you.

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Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas

I'm the Global Editor-in-Chief of T3 and, like everyone else on the team, I'm here to help you discover brilliant products and ideas that help you live a better life.